Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

Here's what I'm loving lately......Happy Friday!!

Bubba water bottles for kids
So, I had used the cute Camelbak ones for Emma and recently decided I was DONE with those - for her and me.  The parts were just too hard to clean, and the mold/mildew that built up in the straw was impossible to get off.  We soaked them in bleach, put them in the dishwasher.....nothing worked.  And it wasn't like I let it sit with a drink for days.  I decided to get a bottle without a straw or any other parts, and this Bubba one is perfect!  They come in all different styles, and both Walmart and Target have them.  Emma loves it, and it's easy to clean!

OFF mosquito home spray

Brent bought this at Lowe's and we have loved having it.  We spray it more than the recommended timeframe, just because our yard backs up to spaces that aren't treated.  It's way cheaper than Mosquito Joe's (which I also hear only works if you and your neighbors go in together).  Emma always gets bites when we are out, and I am paranoid about being the first NC case of it;s been reassuring to have this.  But really, I'm ready for the first freeze and no more bugs in general!!

TRX workout

I have loved this workout!!  It's something I do once a week at the Wellness Center, and also on my own when I go to workout there.  It's so customizable, and works every muscle you could ever want.  I love that I can control the movements, and feel secure that I am hanging on to something (in case I lose my balance)  My plan is to continue until the babe arrives:)

Beautycounter tint skin, dew tint

So I could rave on and on about ALL of Beautycounter's products....and probably will in later posts.  I was never really into "safe" beauty, and still am not overly concerned about it, but I love these products because they honestly just work.  (I would read the Never List of ingredients that they refuse to use in their's eye opening for sure!) I had the dew tint (#3) for summer and loved it - it is so soft, silky, and lightweight.  It was just enough coverage for me - not to cover all my freckles, but enough that I looked put together for everyday.  I went with the tint skin (linen) for fall and winter, and it's a bit heavier than a normal tinted moisturizer.  If you want to try their products, I have several friends who sell in the area (who are also super non-pressure)  I would recommend reaching out to them and getting a sample set of the colors so you can get a good match.

Durham consultants Karen and Dana
Wilmington consultant Brandi

Also, Target is running a limited edition of Beautycounter products, so it's a great way to see some of them in person (they are the actual products, not ones made special for Target - only difference is size and price).  I highly recommend the Cleansing Balm, and Color set:)

S'well water bottle

Brent wasn't happy that I spent this much on a water bottle, but I treated myself.  It really does keep my drink cold for over 24 hours, is lightweight, doesn't sweat, and looks oh so cool!  The teakwood is hard to find, and I got the last one at Urban Outfitters.  But I did see that Papersource had some left the other week.  I can totally see myself pouring wine or beer in here for outdoor adventures after baby comes:)

Living Proof Hair products

I am loving the Timeless collection.  I buy the travel sizes from Ulta before I commit to anything.  L'oreal Professionel used to make an again line, but discontinued it.  Before you judge, "aging" really just means it's moisturizing and volumizing at the same time (or at least for me!).  I need moisture because I color my hair, but I also really need volume and softness. I have found these lines (which are hard to find) perfect for me.  Ulta also had a free gift of the 5-in-1 styling treatment, and I am loving that too.  I love the smell, and I love the softness my hair has, but yet not weighed down.  Next on my list is the Restore line, because I like to rotate based on the weather and needs of my hair.

Jason Aldean's New Album

Once again, Jason does not disappoint.  I own every single one of his albums, and love every single one.  I think if someone ever told me that they didn't like his songs, we may have to break up as friends:)  Kidding...sort of...  Emma is loving it too...mama is proud when Emma sings along!

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