Thursday, February 4, 2016

Checking in....

Well, it's February already.  And I must say, the newness of 2016 wore off quick. I don't know if it's the warm, rainy weather (UGH!!!!!!!!) or the absence of steroids (that sounds bad, like maybe I need help.....but I was sick last month so had a bit of jittery help from the pills...just to clarify.)  Or maybe it is because it was so beautiful and WINTER-like last week, and now it's in the 60's and I'm hot and my hair hates the humidity.  Either way, I am trying to get motivated this week!!  I do see cold in the forecast (it's FEBRUARY, y'all...don't get your shorts out yet), so I am excited to return to some normalcy with weather at least.

I did workout last week, and I felt fine during, but still noticed some discomfort with deep breaths and at random rest times.  I'm super paranoid about a relapse, so I'm still taking it slow.
But, Emma was a super big helper and carried my yoga mat in.  She also mimicked all our workout moves during the was cute, very cute, and hopefully not distracting.  She really LOVES to watch us workout...she's probably secretly taking pictures to blackmail me with later on in her teenage years...

During the snow, Bible Study was cancelled (because they follow Durham Public Schools), but me and some other girls HAD to get out and see each other! So we played at church in one of the nursery rooms.  It was a alot of fun, and I am loving all the girls I am meeting this year:)

I am still loving my devotion book by Jen Hatmaker.  Although, I am having a harder time getting up early these days.  I was waking up bright eyed and ready for the day in January, and this month, I am really struggling.  It's such a precious time to have to myself in the mornings.

One morning, we met some friends at Barnes and Noble for storytime because I saw that they were reading Corduroy (my favorite book growing up), and that he was making an appearance.  Y'all...I think I was more excited than Emma!

Here is sweet Emory making her way to the bear himself!

Later that day, Emma and I walked to the grocery store.  I really love that we live in a place where we can do this together.

I also got Emma a new car seat - one that still has a 5 point harness, but converts to a booster and is not so bulky.  Of course, Emma picked up the pink one.  And she loves that she now has 2 cup holders...that's my girl!

I wanted a selfie one night at my parents, but Brent wanted to try out the self-timer.  I think this picture is hilarious - our poses need some working on!

My parents gave Emma a ladybug chocolate as an early Valentine's present, but Emma refuses to eat it.  She calls it her pet and keeps it in the box next to her bed!  

My boss at work had twins in November (they were almost 2 months early), and his wife brought them by for us to visit.  These pics are somehow distorted in size (I am not THAT wide!), but they are so sweet. 
Here is sweet Max...

And this is Marigold...

Brent went to see a friend after work one night, so Emma and I decided to go to Chickfila.  I knew it was kid's night (Tuesdays), and Emma loved it.  She got to see the cow, and make a craft!!

Afterwards, I let her watch TV in my bed before bed...which she thought was super cool.  She tried to sleep there, and said daddy could sleep in the guest bed, but I nixed that immediately.  

Brent is off today, while I work, because he is working Saturday.  I am super excited because he is removing the carpet off our stairs and refinishing them because we have this underneath.....

 Who would cover that up??!!  And who wants to vacuum stairs - NOT ME!!!  I am more excited about not having to do that chore than anything else!!!

Happy Thursday, all!!

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