Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend recap

Today is one of those days where I just feel overwhelmed....I don't really have a particularly good reason to feel that way, but sometimes your mind likes to throw a million worries and thoughts at you all at once.  We had a really good weekend together (again), and sometimes when I return to work on Monday, I'm reminded of how much I love the time we have together and wish it never ended.  I'm reminded of how much I enjoyed life with Emma and friends and family this past summer when I didn't work.  And then I feel guilty for thinking that because I know some people would kill to have any job, let alone one that affords them to also be with their family.  I know, I know....the fear and worry monster creeps in and robs us of present joy while pining for past or present moments.  
So, I say all of it to just get it off my chest.  I think I feel better now:)

Saturday morning we went for a walk on the trails behind my parent's house.  I grew up playing in these woods and trails, so I have really fond memories here. The weather was beautiful - perfect for being outside!

We came home to eat lunch (leftovers) and then rested before heading out that afternoon.  We met our same F3 crew at Bull McCabe's for family fun.  Again - LOVING downtown Durham and all it's awesomeness!  I am really loving these wives and their kids lately too.  Such an easy bunch to be with, and I love all of our get togethers.

Emma loved climbing this tree...I tried to get better pictures, but I was too busy talking:)

We came home and ordered Pop's Backdoor Pizza for dinner.  Emma snuggled with Sunflower on the couch......

Forced love is the best love.....

Sunday morning, it was nice out and we were actually early for church, so I thought we should take a few pictures.

Emma wouldn't stand with me...and wouldn't let me sit next to her.  The hormonal teenage years have already started....

She did, however, let daddy sit with her.  (Insert dramatic eye roll here)

Brent works the lights some days at church, so we sit in the balcony.  I looked over at Emma during one of the worship songs, and caught her "teaching" from the Bible.

It was adorable...she really loves to "teach."  She had me put her binky up as the student...because all creatures need God!

We went to Jason's Deli after church with some of our friends we had hung out with the afternoon before - and had a great time.  It was 2:00pm before we got home, and usually that stresses me out because I hate the way Sundays go by so quickly....but Brent and I both did some cleaning, and the house looked awesome by dinner time.

Brent did take a break for some makeup lessons......

He's such a good sport!

I had gone through all my makeup and gave Emma some and threw A TON away.  I used to have a lot of makeup - I was sort of a Bobbi Brown addict.  Then I started to just not care as much.  I was never one of those girls who overdid it...I just liked makeup.  Most of it was wayyyyy expired, so it felt liberating to get rid of it.  It was also really fun to see Emma's face light up when I gave her a small cosmetic bag filled with more kid friendly things (lip glosses, sample size eye shadows and blushes).  She had a blast and felt so special.  It was definitely one of those memories that's so iconic...daughters mimicking mommies. Since she had been on such a daddy kick lately, it was nice:)

We are headed to Blowing Rock this week for some winter family fun and we are so excited!!!  Hope everyone else has just as great a week!!

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