Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Daycare and donuts

With school delays and a not as busy work season, I have been taking and picking up Emma from school most days.  I really don't mind, because I like spending the few extra minutes with her.  Sometimes she puts up a fuss about getting dressed - she hasn't been that into going to school and getting out of the house lately (who can blame her?), but usually a bribe of donuts gets it done.  

This isn't the best for me, because if you're going to buy one donut, you might as well buy two (duh).  And I haven't been able to workout because of the pleurisy since December (just call me lazy chunk).  
Emma gets a chocolate frosted donut, and I usually get a maple frosted one.  She eats hers on the way to school, and I usually eat mine after I drop her off (I'm the lady stuffing her face with a donut while driving down I-40)

I know it's so unhealthy for both of us, but Emma just thinks she is so cool because she gets a donut.  Usually, the chocolate is smeared across her face so that the other kids probably envy her all morning until someone washes it off.

When I picked Emma up yesterday, she insisted on wearing her backpack - she must have seen another child do it, so naturally she has to as well.  It was adorable, but seriously....where did the time go????  She'll be in highschool before I know it:(

I think I have finally gotten rid of this lung crud, so I am attempting to workout later in the week - prayers that we don't have another relapse (and that Dunkin Donuts comes out with some healthy version of a donut, if that's even possible!)

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