Monday, February 29, 2016

Prayers, please...

My heart is so heavy today.  I have a dear, dear friend in the hospital.  He is very sick and I adore him.  My dad and I went to see him yesterday, and I could have spent all day and night there and it wouldn't seem enough.

Bill is like a father to me.  I've known him and his family for over 20 years.  Besides my own dad, Bill is the one man who has inspired, coached, and motivated me.  When I felt like giving up and doubted I would ever accomplish something in skiing, Bill believed in me.  He opened up his home, lake, and heart to me and my family.  I have spent every weekend over the past 15 summers with him.  We drove 2.5 hours every week to ski with him. We could have skied at closer places, but we loved Bill, and he loved us.  He loved skiing with us, hanging out with us, sharing his wisdom and resources with us.  We knew we had to leave his lake by a certain time to make it to Chickfila in Asheboro for dinner before they closed at 10pm....the workers at Chickfila KNEW us.  
That's how often we went.  That's how much we loved skiing with him.

He is an inspiration - still skiing and competing after hip replacement surgery.  And he's an amazing skier- competing nationally for as long as I've known him, in all three events.

And he is a good, good man.  
Hard working, funny, caring, selfless....I could go on and on.

He has been sick for months now, in and out of the hospital.  This is his third time in, and we are hoping the doctors are on the right track.  Something is making him sick - causing renal failure, fevers, and low hemoglobin levels.  Please pray for wisdom for the infectious disease doctor - that he would be searching, open to exploring avenues, leaving no option unresearched or tested.  And pray for Bill, that he would continue to not feel pain but be comforted, rested and confident in healing. Pray that he would know how Loved he is, by the Lord and everyone around him.

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