Monday, February 8, 2016

Bull City weekend

I am ashamed to say that I am a Durham novice.  There are so many awesome things about this city that I have never dared to venture out into.  Part of it is because growing up in Chapel Hill, you never went to Durham unless it was to South Square mall.  And now, it;s easier to play it safe and go to places that you are comfortable with - in Chapel Hill. But Durham has changed quite a bit and I am finding more and more places that we are loving lately.

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Friday, we went over to my best friend from high school's house - she lives in Durham (but not I haven't gotten to the cool places in Durm yet!), but we just don't get to see each other as much anymore.  I feel like that's the case with everyone with jobs and kids, etc...  But, we are making more of an effort - and our girls play well together.  I didn't take any good pictures, but here are the girls dancing and playing.

Friday night was low key at home - but we did finally start Parenthood on Netflix.  Someone recommended it to us, and I must say, I think we are going to like it - perfect mix of comedy and drama.  

Saturday, Brent had to work, so Emma and I went to PopUp together.  While I did cough like it was nobody's business all throughout the workout, my chest did great.  I think I am finally over my pleurisy!  Now, if I can just get rid of this chest cold:(

Emma and I went to the grocery store afterward - we go to Food Lion and Harris Teeter.  I know it is a lot, but some things are just plain cheaper at the Lion, but they don't have everything.  Emma did awesome.  She was super helpful and sweet the whole time, despite being dragged to both places.

Emma is my without a doubt my daughter - she LOVES to sing country music in the car with me.  Sam Hunt and Brett Eldredge are on repeat this week.

This pic cracks me up - the list, her leaning on the cart like it's such hard work to grocery shop, the babydoll in the cart...
 When we got home from all the shopping, we ate lunch and Emma played with her stuffed (and real) animals.  Y'all...this cat deserves a medal.  Swerve is so patient - like a dog almost.  Emma insisted that he needed his blood pressure taken...and a bandaid!

When Brent got home from work, we went to Motorco to meet some of his F3 friends for a 40th birthday.  I had never been here, but it was awesome!  It was such a cool place and vibe - with the Pit  and Fullsteam across the street.  I got to meet these awesome men and their families of whom Brent spends many early mornings with.  I often joke because they are obsessed - it's bad enough that they get up at 4:45am to workout together, but they text non-stop about it (who does that?  Weird.)  But after meeting them, and their awesome wives - I see what all the hype is about.

I didn't take any pictures, but it was a lot of fun.  Emma enjoyed watching corn hole, and I hope we have another family get together soon!

Sunday, I made this pie after church.  Actually, I made 2 of them - one for me, and one for a dear friend's family.  It is amazing...and very easy.  Thanks, Katie, for the bringing it to Bible Study:)

That afternoon, we headed over to the Rickhouse to watch the Super Bowl.  Our old neighbors, and friends, opened up this great event space overlooking over the old Durham Athletic Park.  They will soon have a distillery there too:)

Sidenote: I feel super cool to have ventured out into "downtown Durham" twice in one weekend:)

They had a full bar, catered food, and lots of toys for the kids (Oh...and the game was on..)

Emma had a blast playing with friends, and we enjoyed it!  We are headed back there this Friday night for a big 40th birthday bash (why are we all turning 40 already...we are soooo old)

I think this is everyone's reaction to the Panthers performance last night:(

So, if you have never ventured out into that part of Durham - you should.  Cocoa & Cinnamon has delicious coffee, and Geer St. Garden is delicious too.  And other places we love are - Parker & Otis, Toast, Revolution, Vin Rouge, RueCler, and Juju.  Counting House is on our list if you've been, let me know how it is!  

Here's to winter - making an appearance this week!!  I LOVE some cold weather (now, God please send snow!!)

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  1. Yum! I have a super big crush on downtown Durham! Try out Mateo's with a big group, sooo good. And going on a date night to Counting House on Saturday, I'll let you know!