Friday, February 19, 2016

It's Friday???

Y'all, it's been a LONG week.  Monday was an ice day...I stayed home with Emma and went outside once (and didn't leave the porch).  I am a "do-er" - I love getting things done and getting out.  Being stuck inside is somewhat torturous for me.  
I worked Tuesday, and was off Wednesday.  Emma seemed to be recovered from her cold (she had one over the weekend with a fever), and so I went about our normal schedule Wednesday - Bible Study then errands.  She had woken up in the middle of the night and complained about her ear hurting, but I just ignored it (we tend to be irrational in the middle of the night), and she didn't mention it any the next morning.  I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get some beads to fulfill an Etsy order after church, so we loaded up (the closest one is in Elon...smh).  I should have noticed that she was a bit lethargic and getting cranky.....

Her fever must have been coming on, because she was really cold and almost fell asleep in the cart like this.  I got what we needed, and decided to get us home quick.

She complained about her ear when we got in the car (so naturally, I felt stupid since it was obvious she wasn't lying in the middle of the night!).  I called and got us an appointment at the pediatrician, and drove us home.  Emma fell asleep immediately, and I was glad for her to get some rest.  I took my time getting back and went the backroads, since I didn't want to get to the doctor too early and sit there to wait, but there wasn't enough time to do anything else or go home first.

Her temp was 99.8 when we got there, but as we waited and went through the appointment, the doctor had it taken again since her body felt much warmer than what was read.  When they took it again, it was 102.  So I had them give her some Tylenol and a popsicle:)

The doctor checked her out - her throat looked fine, but she couldn't see her ear drum because there was too much wax.  Now before you start judging my mommy hygiene aren't supposed to use q-tips (according to the doctors), and the wax is supposed to work itself out (Eww.).  So they wanted to soften the wax and flush her ear out.  

Emma was NOT a fan.  As soon as she heard this, she was like "no, thank you."  (this is what she says when she doesn't want to do something - like get dressed, eat vegetables, or.....get her ear flushed out by some strange nurse)

They made her lie down on the table and put some liquid in her ear that was supposed to stay in there for 10 minutes.  Emma was screaming bloody murder at this point, and inconsolable.  It was ripping my heart out, but I was also just concerned because I'm sure people in Raleigh could hear her wailing, not to mention the other children in the office. (sorry!)

The nurse finally came back in (I'm pretty sure it was WAY longer than 10 minutes), and attempted to flush her ear out.  
Folks, if someone ever asks you to do this, say no.  Run.  Don't let them do this to your child.  
I don't know if it was painful, scary, or both.  But Jesus take the wheel...I had to hold down my child with force, while they took this giant syringe and shot water in her ear, all while holding this weird cup under her ear to catch the water.  After 4 unsuccessful attempts, we called it a day.  I promised Emma that was the last try

So we waited for the doctor to come in, hoping she would just prescribe us an antibiotic anyway since it was harmless to do so.  
But no....
this OTHER nurse comes strutting in with the first nurse. 
You know the kind - all high and mighty - like "the first nurse couldn't get it done, but I me!"  
I had already promised Emma no more flushing, and this lady is insisting on it.  Cue wailing and screaming as we attempt 3 more times.  

Y'all...I am spent, done, over it.  There was not enough Xanax or alcohol to soothe me at this point.  I'm putting my daughter through unnecessary trauma for what seems like a lost cause.  Finally, the doctor comes in to intervene - like a beacon of light and hope (or maybe it was an angel...too similar to tell at that point), and says "oh no,'s fine.  Let's not put her through this anymore."  
I'm not sure if she was talking about me, or Emma.  But holy moly, thank the Lord.

She was confident it was an ear infection, and there was no harm putting her on meds if it wasn't.  If Emma was not better in a few days, we would go back.  

So, that was our Wednesday afternoon - almost 2 hours at the doctor's office.  I had been texting Brent and he came home early to support us:)  Ironically, Emma has not complained again about her ear, and been mostly fever free.  

I kept her out of school Thursday (like a good mom who doesn't want to share germs with the rest of the class) and we ran errands and did a lot of laundry.  Friday was supposed to be my day off (no work, no child), but I am working today to make up.  Emma is an easy child, so I can't complain, but when she doesn't feel well, she tends to be very intolerant and bratty.  Whining is the one thing that sets me off...I go from 0-60 on the anger scale.  But we have made it through, I think......

Next week, we are headed to the mountains for a family trip and the weather looks awesome - cold and snow!  I am not ready for it to be warm yet...I barely feel like we had winter!  Prayers we all stay healthy in the next week!

Happy weekend to all!

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  1. BLESS YOUR HEARTS!!!! That sounds just awful! Hope she keeps feeling better!!!!!