Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend update

We are all SICK of the rain around here.  I feel like it has been raining since last fall NON STOP.  It actually wasn't as bad as it was forcasted for the weekend, so we did enjoy some outside time, but man....please bring on some sunny skies!!!

I started off the weekend by posting this....

I agonized for months whether to do so.  And then I realized, I am selling my self short.  
I came to the realization that I am good enough.  
For so long, in so many parts of my life, I have questioned myself, felt inadequate, felt like I wasn't as good as others.  And I decided that now is a good a time as any to stop thinking that way.  
Am I still insecure?  Of course, who isn't?  
Am I going to get cocky and toot my own horn all the time?  Lord, I hope not - call me out if I ever do!  

When I opened my etsy shop, it was an easy way for me to share my passion, be creative, and make a little money.  It was vulnerable, but it was selling to was much more comfortable for me.  I rarely mentioned it to friends - partly because I see my friends as "friends" and didn't ever want them to feel like they needed to buy things from me.  And partly because I was worried - worried they would judge, not like my pieces, etc...  EVERYONE is making jewelry these days...and it all looks the same, honestly.  So, I know what the market is like.  But I also know I love doing it, and if others want to buy it, they will.  It's not my decision to make.  
So, here's to a new summer resolution - finding the right balance in sharing my passion and creativity.

Friday night, we met some friends at the Rooftop Bar at the Durham Hotel.  It was AWESOME!  The weather turned out to be beautiful, and it was such a cool place.  I will definitely be going back there.

We were celebrating Dana's birthday - so we had drinks and appetizers.

The whole group....

We then decided we needed more food so we walked to Pompieri Pizza -which was delicious. I am still amazed at how cool Durham is...such a transformation from 15 years ago.  We stayed out past 11pm (WHAT!!!????) but had such a great time!

Saturday, Brent had to work, and Emma and I finished up some etsy orders.

I am loving these pieces we made this weekend:)

Then, my sweet mom took us out for a girl's afternoon of shopping.  It was such a treat, and it meant so much to me.  We had a great time, and I treated us to iced mochas from JoeVan Gogh afterwards.  They make THE best iced mochas ever.

Sunday was low key - I did nursery at church, and then we spent the afternoon doing chores and getting ready for the week.

This is my last week of work before the summer and I am pumped.  I like working, but sometimes logistically, it is just really hard to get it all done.  I am really looking forward to some laid back, do whatever we feel like days with Emma!

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