Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend update

We had another busy weekend, but I am grateful for every busy minute spent with friends and family!

Brent went to the movies with some friends Friday night after work, so I was solo all day with Emma.  It makes for a LONG day, since my princess doesn't nap anymore.  I treated myself with some shrimp cocktail and a salad made mostly of tomatoes and avocado:)  I put Emma to bed at like 7pm, and just relaxed the rest of the night.  Sometimes, it's nice to get a little alone time.

Saturday, I attended Peace's graduation.  I processed with the other faculty and staff, and loved watching all my students walk across the stage!  

I had a student who would have graduated this year, if she had not lost her battle with sickle cell.  I had the honor of presenting her mother with an honorary diploma, rose, and Bible after the ceremony.  It was such an emotional moment, and I can't even imagine going through what this family has gone through - having a terminally ill child, and then losing her to illness.  My heart breaks thinking of it.  I was so glad I could offer some closure for them.  Jasmine passed 2 years ago, but she was such a special girl.  Always smiling, always joking, and had such an innocence about her.  Her friends and family kept assuring me that I was her favorite teacher, and I am beyond honored and humbled to hear that.  My prayer everyday when working with my students is that somehow, I have made a difference in their lives, somehow.  To know that I offered that to Jasmine is so comforting.

Saturday night, we went to our dear friend, Emily's graduation party.  Here is Annie and Emily with Emma.  I used to babysit these 2 girls, and now they babysit Emma!  

Brent met us there because he was taking his concealed carry permit all day with my dad.  So, yes, watch out...they both be packin now!  (I'm so hip)  Emma made Brent listen to Kellie Pickler the whole way home, and I snapped this photo at the stoplight while she jammed out.

Sunday was Mother's Day!  I woke up to lots of hugs, and a new robe.  I had desperately needed a new one - my other one was 10 years old (gross).  After church, I was craving Bojangle's - so Brent and Emma rolled out the red carpet and treated this mama right!

Brent took Emma to the grocery store, and I stayed at home to clean alone.  That sounds like it sucked, but really, it's what I wanted to do!  I have a million house projects, and it was nice to have some uninterrupted time to get some things done.

I didn't snap any photos the rest of the day. Brent made my parents and I an awesome lobster tail and steak dinner:)  It was absolutely delicious, and I loved spending the time with everyone.  As hard as motherhood is, it is such a joy.  I am honored that God would trust me to love and care for a child.  And I pray I always remember this, in all the good and bad moments of parenting!

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