Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Busy, busy

We have been so busy these days.  I think we have had something planned almost every singel day of the week - not including work and normal activities.  Some people do really well always on the go...I, however, start to get a little batty.  I get stressed and can't take the clutter and mess anymore and wig out.  (Sorry, Brent)  But I'm working on it.....

When I am off work with Emma, I try not to freak out about all the laundry, cleaning, etc.. that needs to be done.  I am loving spending some quality time with this little girl.  She has been asking for me more lately (hallelujah!), so I love our snuggles.

Saturday morning, our neighborhood hosted a festival, complete with all kinds of bouncy slides and such.  Emma had a blast playing with Brooklyn.

Aunt Paula and Bampi were in town from Maine, so we ventured up to Hillsborough for dinner.  We got there a little early and walked around downtown.  Emma had just a bath, and I had blow dried her hair and curled it.  (Unfortunately, her hair is stick straight and way too thin to hold any sort of curl yet, but she thought she was really something)

We ate at Saratoga Grill, which was delicious.  Brent and I used to eat lunch there years and years ago when we were first dating.  It's upstairs from an antique shop, and overlooks the main street.  They have amazing seafood, and house made salad dressings.

I love this picture because Emma wanted a silly face, so here is Grandpa obliging...and Emma pretending like she doesn't even know who this guy is:)  
{I have no idea where she got that from...}

We did get a photo with Aunt Paula and Uncle Dick!  She just loved having all these "grandparents" around!

Sunday morning, Emma got dressed ALL. BY. HERSELF.  This is her new thing.  I lay her clothes out for her and she dresses herself.  It can be frustrating when you have to get out that door but I am learning to start the process WAY EARLY.  She is even picking out accessories...I'm so proud.

Emma has not wanted to go to Children's Church lately...not sure why.  But she really wants to sit with us during the service.  She did awesome, maybe because she was surrounded by these two:)

After church, we spent the afternoon eating lunch and playing with our Small Group.  I didn't take any pictures, but it was a great time.

When we got home, I went to Trader Joe's solo (it was already late in the day and Emma was tired).  Emma was helping dad vacuum out the truck, and she gave me this little wave when I was pulling out the driveway.  It for sure melted my heart.

I think I've mentioned on here that Emma is OBSESSED with country music.  I can't say that it's not my fault...because that's really all I listen to.  I even have her own playlist....she loves Sam Hunt.  And I' currently working on her girl country (you know, Kellie Pickler, Jana Kramer....)

One of Emma's favorite things is to get in the truck, blast the radio, and pretend to drive.  Brent sent this video to me while I was at the store.

What can I say...THAT"S MY GIRL!!!!!

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