Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The start of summer...

It's officially summer for us!  I am working in May, but will be off in June and July.  There are no students on campus at work, which makes for quieter days.  It's a lot less stressed, with a more relaxed atmosphere - which is really nice.  It's also nice to really be able to pick and choose the days I work.  I typically always worked Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Now, I can do whatever works best, depending on the weather, other plans, etc...

Monday was super cloudy, so I decided to go into work.  I wanted to take Emma to the lake one day, and the only "nice" day was looking to be Tuesday.  I am a bit over the rain....we have had soooo much.  I feel like I live in a swamp....

Tuesday, I woke up and it was still pretty cloudy.  That was fine, because Emma woke up pretty congested and I had a ton of Etsy orders to start on. So, we spent the morning beading and laying low.  I will say that I love making pieces, but sometimes it feels like a chore (especially when I get orders and my week already seems too full to add anything else into).  But sometimes I also get in the zone and feel super creative.  I cranked out these beauties - some orders, some new...

About 10:30, I looked outside and the sun was shining bright, so I quickly packed up and got us in our lake gear.  Emma had been looking forward to this since I told her over the weekend, so she helped me pack a cooler and was super pumped to get her swimsuit on.

When we got to our normal spot, I noticed the lake was WAY up - we have had so much rain that the lake was almost flooded.  All our beachy spots we normally go to were underwater:(  UGH.  We had to set up on the public beach part (I know, first world pains), with all the other people (and I will say there were some real "interesting" folks there....)  I really like the other areas because they are more secluded, have shade, and are just prettier on the shoreline - and I can play my country music as loud as I want without worrying about annoying others).  Oh well.  There was also not much beach left.  As soon as we set up, the sun went behind the clouds.  It wasn't cold by any means, but I was not wanting to swim in cool water with cloudy skies.

Emma didn't care though!  She was having a blast.

She wore out quickly though - her cold is a nasty one.  She wanted to snuggle with me and get warm.

She even asked to take her suit off and get dressed to take a nap.  What???  Who is this child?

We ended up leaving after about 2 hours.  Emma normally never wants to leave, but she actually asked to.  Poor thing:(  She fell right asleep in the car, so I took the long way home (via Pittsboro!) and enjoyed the country drive.  I used to do this so much when she was younger and refused to nap at home.  I remember driving around for what seemed like hours, only to look at the clock and see it had only been 30 minutes!  

We made hotdogs for dinner, with corn on the cob, and baked beans....a great summer meal!  
{Emma ate 2 hotdogs!}

This summer will be a bit different for us, so I am trying to get excited the best I can.  I am glad to have off work, but I will not be skiing as much, and that bums me out A LOT.  I am sure we will be at the lake often, but that also makes it harder.  We have a million house projects that need to be done, so I am hoping we can tackle those this weekend.  I currently have an entire guest closet with a broken closet rod on the floor.  (That happened at about 6am one morning - the wooden rod just broke in half with a loud bang of everything crashing to the floor...)  I have tried to get a new one, but that closet is 10 FEET long - and it's been hard to find a 10 ft. closet rod.   We are also making a lot of changes in Emma's and our guest room, and I am currently in clean out central mode.  I have already made 2 trips to Goodwill in the last month (and I have another bag in queue..)  I feel a bit overwhelmed with it all, but I think once we get started, I will feel a lot better.

So, here's to summer - filled with lots of water, sun, de-cluttering, and SMILES amidst change!

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