Thursday, May 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

A few things I am loving lately!  I haven't done one of these posts in quite awhile, so I have lots to share!

Pandora Doug Stone Station - this 90's country station makes me so happy!!  I've been listening to it at work since all the kids are gone and I can blast whatever I want in the library:)

Oventure Key Ring - I asked Brent for one of these for Mother's Day - and I got the red croc one pictured on the far left.  So far, I LOVE it.  I can wear it on my wrist, or push it up my arm to be more secure.  It's also super easy to find in my purse.


Gap tencel top - I love this top - such an easy piece that goes with so much.  I love denim, but summer isn't really denim-friendly.  This tencel is perfect!

product photo

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base - I used a lot of Bobbi Brown products in the past, and decided to go back to their skin care this spring.  I LOVE the smell of this, and it feels so lightweight in my skin.  It's not quite heavy enough for the winter, but it's perfect for summer.  It's also a great base for your foundation - so you can skip primer (like I have time to do that anyway!)

H & M Girl's Dresses - I bought Emma some of these in the sleeveless and short sleeve styles.  They are perfect - cute, comfy, and only $5.  Emma isn't into wearing shorts a lot, and prefers dresses, so these are a win-win!

Books for Emma - some of our favorites from the library.  These are really cute!


H2o+ milk lotion - When I was in highschool, I went to Las Vegas with my dad on a business trip and found myself roaming one of the many, awesome malls out there.  I first bought this lotion out there, and recently saw it again in Ulta.  I LOVE the smell - perfect amount of scent to be worn alone or with perfume.  I always love the idea of unscented but somehow, unscented smells more like EWW on my skin...anyone else agree?  This is perfect - trust me!

Here's to my last week of work for the summer!!!! Woohoo!!!!

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