Wednesday, June 8, 2016


We are officially in summer now - hence, why I have been slack about blogging.  I am beyond thrilled to be spending all my time at home with Emma and my family.  I like working, but it's nice to wear ONE hat for a change.  Here's a look at what we've been up to the past 2 weeks!
We went back to Washington for a quick but fun trip to visit Brent's family.  Saturday was beautiful, so we spent it out on the river.


Emma's hair was getting WAYYYYY too long and was tangled all the time.  The only haircut she's ever had was over a year ago when I cut it.  This time, I saved us both the hassle and made her an appointment to have a professional (aka NOT mom) cut it.  She was super excited and did great.




Friday was my dad's birthday, and what better way to celebrate than spend the morning out on the lake!  We then had dinner and beer at Carolina Brewery:)


Saturday, we headed to Beaver Lake.  I'm pretty sure Emma spent most of the day in the water.


(side note: my sweet, sweet husband did something he has NEVER done before and he deserves a big shoutout....I casually mentioned that I wanted a new pair of sunglasses and jokingly sent him a text with me trying on a pair of Costas.  I have a million pairs of sunglasses, but none polarized.  I told him I wanted this pair, and I did sell a few old pairs, but still was short of what this new pair would cost.  Out of the blue, he brought these home for me!  No reason - just because.  If you know Brent, you know he does NOT do this...ever.  He's not stingy, but he things J. Crew is a designer brand:)  I LOVE my new sunnies - they are so worth the extra money - I can just tell a big difference in how they feel and fit.  Plus, Costa del Mar is known for their exceptional customer service.


Last week, I joined the UNC Wellness Center.  I had wrestled with it for a long time, but I am at a point in my life where I need a gym for workouts.  I LOVE, LOVE PopUp workout, but the times weren't working for me, and I am needing some different types of workouts these days (more on that another time), so I bit the bullet for now and joined.  They were waiving the enrollment fee, and there is no contract - you can freeze, cancel, whatever you any time.  So far, I have been 3 times in one week and I love it!  The other bonus - Emma LOVES it.  She loves the childcare room - there are the same 2 women all the time, so she doesn't have to get used to a new teacher each visit.  And, the classes are great.  I have done Ballet Burn, Yoga, and Cycle so far.  I also love the elliptical and bikes.  It's so nice to workout and read a book - some ME time!!!
And I took Emma to the pool - she is allowed to use it with me.  We are working on learning to swim....(sigh...)
This big girl had a blast in the pool with me, then we showered and got ready there.  This was Emma's first SHOWER!  I am so pumped - she has always been scared of the shower, and bath time - for lack of a better word - SUCKS.  I am hoping getting cleaned will get easier for both of us!
Side note #2 - the locker room is SOOO nice - soap dispenser in the showers, so you don't have to bring your own soap, and a cool bathing suit drier thing - you put in your soaking wet suit and it wrings it out for you, then they provide a plastic bag for you to put it in.  They also have lotion and hair dryers...and towel service...I feel like a homeless person getting excited about these things:)
But, I miss PopUp workout and hope to get back there again in the future!  I love all the instructors and miss the friendships! (I miss seeing you, Carrie!!)
One day after working out, Emma and I had a girl's lunch at Egg and I.  I had never been, so we decided to sit outside before the rain came later that day.  Emma wanted her picture taken in front of the flowers, and the proceeded to pose these weird poses for me:)  Who is this diva????


And more big news....I am branching out and putting some of my jewelry in a local store in Raleigh.  I am beyond thrilled, but soooo nervous as well.  Here are just a few of the things I am taking over there next week.  I promise more details as it's finalized:) 

So....we have been busy!!  This Friday is Emma's 4th birthday, and I can't believe it's been 4 years since she was born.  We are celebrating by taking her to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days.  I wanted her to have a special trip with just us, and I hope it's a great time!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and enjoying this beautiful weather!!

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