Monday, November 23, 2015

Life lately....

With the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas, things are starting to get busy around here.  Here's a look at last week for the Talley's:)

Emma's been obsessed with candy and chocolate lately (thanks, Halloween...)  
I submit Exhibit A....

and Exhibit B, as proof.

Last Sunday, Brent helped a friend move (that's what happens when you have a truck), so Emma and I went to church together.  She was so cute taking in our neighbor's Operation Christmas Child box.

She requested we sit in the balcony (where we sometimes sit because Brent does the lights).

She also wanted to sit in the VERY LAST ROW.  Nosebleed church seats:)

Wednesday, I took Emma to school and took the day to run errands, after Bible Study.  It was heavenly to be able to have some time to myself.  I picked her up early, though, and brought her this cake pop from Starbucks.

Brent called late that afternoon and said he had some great seats (and a parking pass) to the UNC basketball game that night, and since I didn't have work the next day, I said "let's do it!"

This was Emma's first basketball game, and she rally liked it!  It was way easier and more fun for her than football games.

She even got into the game and clapped (at the right times, too!!!)

It was a great evening, and I hope we get to do it again soon.  Many thanks to the Franklin's for generously giving us their tickets:)

Thursday morning, we had our annual cardiology appointment.  I had been praying and praying over this for the past few weeks.  Emma has a condition where one of the valves in her heart is slightly closed, causing a murmur.  If it didn't open up in a few years, she would need surgery.  Of course, this is NOT what you want your child to EVER go through.

So, we cuddled extra long the morning of:)

And had a donut before hand!

Emma did great at the office - she always does.  It is never crowded and the staff is soooo nice!

I took a billion pictures - partly because it entertains her, and partly because I knew I would want one of her on this day.
Dr. Robinson came in and listened to her heart a few times.  Emma did great and was super cooperative.  He told me that he did not hear her murmur anymore that was caused by the tightness in her pulmonary valve, and I swear I cold have lept up and screamed!  I could feel tears of joy welling up inside me, as we would no longer have to worry about it.  He did want to see us in 2 years just to make sure, and Emma did have a stills murmur (which 50-75% of all young children have).  But I am so relieved - certainly an undeserved blessing from God.

That afternoon, we went to daycare to pick up our friend, Brooklyn, whose parents were out of town.  Emma did such a good job, being a big helper.  She really thought she was something coming to pick her up at school with me:)

 Friday, Brent was off work and we headed down to Washington to do Thanksgiving with his family.  

We did a lot of playing with cousins on our short trip.

And tried to take some good photos of all the grandkids.

 That night at dinner, Great Grandma has a mini-stroke (we think).  It was scary, and the kids were upset.  I corralled them upstairs and we prayed for her.  The adults called 911, and thankfully, they were there in minutes.  My sister-in-law is a nurse, so she knew what to do.  She was only out of it for a few minutes, and then came to and was responsive.  But it was awful.  Brent rode in the ambulance with her and stayed there for a few hours.  All her tests came back normal, and since she is 98, they didn't see a reason to do an EKG.  She was back hanging out with us the next day, and we were grateful!!

Saturday, we watched the UNC game and enjoyed some sunshine during halftime.

We went back after the game ended, because Brent and I both had commitments at church the next day.  Unfortunately, I woke up Saturday night with the worst abdominal pain in my life.  I thought for sure I was going to throw up everywhere and I had some supernatural noro virus strain.  Luckily, it went away after a few hours of lying on the bathroom floor.  But Sunday was a mess for me - loss of sleep, didn't eat much - so I felt crummy all day.  Brent was awesome and took care of me and Emma so I could rest.  He even cooked an awesome, hearty dinner (that I did get to eat!)

I'm so thankful for all he does for us. 

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