Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#30daysofthanks - Week 1

So I made it through the first week of Instagram #30daysofthanks!  It is harder than I thought...it is much easier to write down something that I'm thankful for...Wayyy harder to document it in a insta-worthy picture!

I couldn't get through this book this first time I read it, but the whole premise was...we have a choice - a million choices everyday actually - to either get angry or discontent, or choose joy and see the good in everything and every situation.  I am really trying to work on this, because I think I am one of those people who immediately gets mad or sees the bad parts, and then reacts accordingly.  Being a parent is really teaching me that I need to change this part of me:)  So, I was glad to try this challenge and hope it sticks long after the picture posting is done!

I added my own thoughts below each post, and I wish I could write more on Instagram, but I don't want to be one of THOSE people who writes a novel for a caption...so I'll elaborate here!

With so much discontent, comparison, and envy in our culture, it is easy for me to forget and take for granted the people and parts of my life that truly make me happy. For 30 days, I am going to find something...anything to be grateful for. Yesterday- a very strong willed child who challenges me to truly think before I speak and act. #30daysofthanks

This weekend was a hard one with Emma - she must have been going through something...but a friend once told me that our children are teaching us something...just as much as we are teaching them.  And I know God uses Emma to show me how to be patient and love unconditionally, as much as a human can.

Day 2: This 2004 VW Jetta has safely taken me to Raleigh and back for the past 11 years. It's seen a lot of traffic, and road...and I'm grateful to have traveled safe thus far. 174k miles and counting..... #30daysofthanks

I see a LOT of bad driving on my commute to Raleigh...I've done it for years and years..and I while I really dislike it and it frustrates me, I have a car that safely gets me there, and I have been spared many times from the horrors of interstate driving...so I am thankful!

Day 3: Thankful for the rain and a productive day at work. Oh, and of course for this silly one who needs shades no matter how cloudy it is😎#30daysofthanks

Being part time at work has it's ups and downs..somedays I just feel like I am doing NOTHING right...like I'm a part time person!  But I had a good day at work, and got to come home to this nugget of humor!

Day 4: I took this pic for my old YL leader who had not seen our sanctuary at CGS in over 15 years. I'm so thankful for her mentorship (since 1995😳), and for my church family. These friendships mean so much to me! #30daysofthanks

Words can't describe how grateful I am for our church, and for the people who have guided and loved me in my relationship with Christ.  I feel "at home" when I am there.  My heart is so full thinking of all this, and I am so thankful!

Day 5: Very thankful for the season of hope....and the music that goes along with it. And I'll still be celebrating Dec. 26 too πŸ˜‹#30daysofthanks

I love the cozy, quietness that the Holidays bring...anticipation, wonder, and celebration.  If I had my way, I would move Christmas day to January and still start celebrating in November...I love it that much!  I'm also the person who gets mad when the holiday stations and movies go away...and if I could keep my decorations up until February without judgmental glares from friends and neighbors, then I would!

Day 6: I LOATHE bath time....everything's a struggle- getting in, staying in, washing, and getting out. And Emma is very sassy/strong-willed. BUT I'm thankful for her spirit. She is a healthy, free spirited #threenager πŸ™πŸ» #30daysofthanks

This was one of the moments where I am reminded why I need to be thankful.  I can choose to be mad that Emma's so hard headed, or rejoice that she has a strong spirit, and is in good health, and can splash me and talk back to me.  Sure, she needs to stop that, but me yelling at her won't make it any better.

Day 7: My Family, my home😍 #30daysofthanks

When I am with these people, my heart hurts with fullness.  They are my rock, my home, my support.  I couldn't do it without them.

Day 8: A long, fall walk with the family and a family dinner table selfie. Emma grabbed us both and said "say cheeessssse" #30daysofthanks

Several times a day, Emma will do something sweet, funny, or amazing in front of us, and Brent and I will just look at each other and grin.  We have it so good...we don't have an amazing house, or alot of money, but we really do have everything we need together.

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