Monday, November 9, 2015

Friday outing and weekend update

Emma loves "Mommy Daughter" days.  This is what I call the days that I am off work and she doesn't have to go to school.  I only get 2 a week, but I am still soooo thankful. She really looks forward to these days, and I love it.  Friday, Brent was off too but wanted to use the good weather to work on his shed...the siding is almost done!  I had been wanting to take Emma to the Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill for some time now, so I thought it was a good morning to head out there.

We had a really good time, and I will definitely go back again soon.  We loved hiking, checking out the gardens, and collecting leaves.  This will be a new go-to for us, I am sure:)  

When we first arrived, we went to the Children's Garden...which was pretty neat.  There were lots of natural elements for Emma to play on, or with.

 She loved this play table with ironworks figurines.

Then, we meandered toward the back side of the buildings, where we found this huge twine structure. (I am sure there is some official, more cool, name for it...)  It was awesome, and Em loved running through it.

Then, we went towards the woods and walking trails.  I had a hard time reading the map, so I have no idea where we were walking, and it was a bit of a hike for Emma - who did really good.  It was up this small mountain with a stream below.  

After the hike, we headed towards the side to some more gardens.  I just love a wooden boardwalk:)

There were all sorts of interesting statues in the gardens.

We left around noon to go home and eat lunch...but next time, we will be packing a lunch to picnic out there.

Saturday, Brent got invited to the UNC game with our neighbor, Clint.  So, Brittni and I loaded up the girls for a Wal-mart trip.  I have 3 Wal-marts close by that I love - and this time, we went to the one out towards Fearrington.  It is new and super nice.  The girls did really well together, and we just dodged some major metldowns at checkout!

Saturday night, I played around with some new beads and made these necklaces...I thought the black and gold was great for holiday:)

My sweet parents came over with RedBowl for everyone, and we watched Mulan 2 (we are stuck on Mulan this month).  Emma took turns snuggling with everyone:)

Brent and I had to get a forced hug picture with one of the cats....doesn't she look thrilled?!?!?!?

Sunday, Emma insisted on picking out her own necklace, hair accessories, and shoes.  She did pretty good....this picture doesn't show that she has a pony tail, many barrettes, and a headband....I just can't imagine where she gets her love of accessories:)

After church, we all bundled up for a walk to the grocery store...I love that we can do this.  We discovered that Em had actually fallen asleep when we got in the store, so we turned around and walked some more trails to let her get a good nap in.  
She has actually started napping again (sigh) at daycare....and some at home.  I have yet to figure out if this is a good thing...I think somedays it is, but others it makes bedtime a real struggle.  For example...she napped yesterday but then played in her bed for almost an hour at bedtime...which meant we had to wake her up this morning for school. 
Anywho, the walk was beautiful - I love a cold walk, and if there are leaves on the ground...even better.  Brent and I got to talk, catch-up, and enjoy being together.  It was almost better than a datenight!

I made homemade meatballs and pasta for dinner, and as we were eating, Emma grabbed both of our hands and asked to take a picture.  She said "say cheeeeessssee!" while hugging us both.  It was one of those moments where my heart felt so full.  She can be a handful, but she really is sweet to the core and knows how to let us feel loved.  I look ridiculous in this picture...probably because I am holding back tears of joy:)

It's another rainy Monday, but I don't care - I love the coziness that a cold rain brings!

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