Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

It was a great low key weekend, with an extra hour of life added in:)  I love daylight savings for so many reasons - the slow pace it seems to bring, a brighter morning helping me wake up, the absence of sunrise on my eastern morning commute....but when I stopped to think about it, I realized that we really are gaining a whole hour - undeserved, no strings attached, no cost.  Some people sleep....and I admit I try to do that, but with pets or kids...that never happens.  I resolved to spend Sunday trying to better myself and family, probably because Saturday was a bit hard with Emma:)

Friday, I went to an outdoor PopUp workout class, which was beautiful:)  I love the cool, crisp air and being outside.  It was a small class, too, which I prefer:)

Then I made a few new pieces for the etsy shop and a custom order for a customer.  I've updated some things on the shop, and recently ordered some new supplies to play around with this week:) I really love this leather and agate bracelet:)

A customer wanted a UNC piece to give to a friend, similar to another one she saw on the shop site.  I must say, I do like the Carolina blue beads:)

Emma accompanied me to Food Lion, so we could grab some last minute food and drink. My friend, Sharon was spending the night, so I wanted to make sure I had some things.  We also were hosting my parents and our neighbors for Halloween night (translation - we needed comfort food and booze)

Emma loves to get the small cart.  This trip, she picked out more Halloween candy (just in case), an avocado, and some kiwi fruit. 

Friday night, Sharon came over around 5pm and we hung out before going to Bocci for some pizza.  Brent met us there and we devoured some Italian goodness!  Sharon's son turned 21 that week and she had come up to visit him at UNC and take him shopping.  After both our busy days, we were exhausted and all went to bed by 9pm. (We are sooooo COOL)

Saturday, we met my parents at the Weathervane for breakfast, then walked around University mall.  We came home and painted pumpkins, while Brent worked on putting the siding on his shed.  I bathed Emma that afternoon and let her have some down time before the night's festivities. She fell asleep almost instantly.  I used to think of this as some small victory, but I've learned lately that naps turn her into some sort of demon.  Seriously.  I let her sleep anyway and had to wake her up at 5pm so we could get ready.  She was ill as a snake.  She refused to get dressed, then when we finally got her costume on, she flat out refused her white sneakers that went with it.  I mean, she threw an end of the world tantrum.  We tried everything under the sun - nice, mean, loud, funny, scary...you name it.  It wasn't so much the shoes, but Emma has been fighting me on EVERYTHING lately, and I feel like I am losing control.  It's really about her safety at this point - she HAS to listen to me and fear me.  As a parent, I can't let her control everything and she needs to respect that I am the boss.  Anywho...after an hour of this, we finally got her to calm down and I comprised with cowboy boots...and then we talked about it later (or tried to).  At this point, I just wanted to salvage the evening.  It wore me out though...I'm still tired.  Feel free to give me advice on handling this, too:)

Our front porch - Emma and I painted pumpkins earlier in the day, and it was alot of fun.  I can't imagine doing it inside though...definitely an outdoor activity with old clothes on:)

Brent bought the fake jack-o-lantern that plugs in because I hate carving pumpkins...I used to go all out, carving several and making cutesy designs..maybe next year.

I finally got Emma dressed and took this selfie to show her the cool stickers we put on her face.

 We met Brooklyn outside for a few pictures before heading off to Trick or Treat.  My parents stayed at our house and handed out candy for us.  They're so sweet:)

We only went to a few houses, but Emma did great.  It was such a difference from last year - she was shy and didn't really want to go up to people's doors.  This year, she ran up, yelled "Trick or Treat," and said "Thank you"....I was a proud mama.

Brent left around 8pm to drive to Washington to go fishing in the morning with Marcus.  The weather was supposed to be great, so they were headed off-shore.  Emma was super silly and thought it would be hilarious to wear my shoes and pose instead of putting her pj's on.

I got her to bed and completely crashed.  I think I was asleep before 10pm (which was more like 9pm with the coming time change).

Sunday morning, we had plenty of time to get ready and make it to Sunday School and worship - even while being solo.  I let Emma have a piece of candy beforehand, because that's how I bribed her into getting dressed without any drama.  She chose the gummy ring pop.

Church was especially good...I really love our new pastor and am learning so much.  Emma even got to make a necklace during Children's church...which is right up her alley!

We spent the rainy afternoon going to Trader Joe's, cleaning, playing, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies:)  It was perfect and I loved spending the time with Emma.  Brent didn't have much luck - it was way rougher on the water than expected, but he had good fellowship and came home safe - that's what's matters anyway!

Happy First Week of November!!

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