Monday, September 28, 2015

Quick little birthday trip

This weekend, I had planned a small surprise for Brent (his birthday is this coming Wednesday).  We had always talked about going to Chef and the Farmer (if you watch UNC TV, then you know the restaurant has its own show, A Chef's Life).  Back on the summer, we talked about going with our friends, Beth and Latham, and then meeting Marcus and Lilly there, who live in Washington.  So, I secretly went to planning as a surprise for Brent's birthday.  I started researching in late July, and finally called because there were no reasonable online reservations (by reasonable, I mean not 9pm - who eats then??).  I finally managed to get a 5:30pm seating, which wasn't preferable but I would take it.

I wanted to spend the night and plan a whole weekend trip, but let's be honest, Kinston is not that exciting.  Plus, the only nice hotel was $260 a night - What?!?!?!?  Probably not going to book that's Kinston, afterall....not NYC.

We ended up having a blast, and while I told Brent last minute where we were going, he was totally excited and thrilled to have his friends there.  He would have figured it out as soon as he saw the Grimes pull up (we rode together), and saw us heading east on 70.

Of course, we had to get a picture by the sign.  It was super yucky out all day Saturday, but thankfully it wasn't pouring while we were there.

A group shot inside - the food was really good.  
The company....even better:)

A shot of the birthday boy...

Afterwards, we ventured next door to Mother Earth Brewing to catch the last tour of the night.  The guys are standing in front of the seasonal barrels that will be released in October and November - Fig and Raisin, and Silent Night.  I can't wait to get my hands on these!

The ladies:)

The building used to have an actual drive-in/thru cool is that?  I think Brent needs to bring this concept back!!

There was an old slide in the warehouse that the employees use to get from their offices upstairs to the downstairs part.  Of course, the guys had to "try" it out.

One last group shot at the end! 

It was a really great time, and I love that these friends made the effort to come with and celebrate.  We feel really blessed, and can't wait for the next time we can all get together!

Oh...and if you're wondering who made my fabulous necklace, go check out A Native Look.  Kate is a truly wonderful person, and she makes these awesome statement pieces:)

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