Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Life lately....

I am enjoying a nice cool, fall blast of air this week.  It's been in the low 50's in the mornings, and only reaching the upper 70's during the day.  I am not ready for cold weather yet, but I am embracing the absence of humidity.  It really is nice to go outside and not sweat like a pig:)

I am still adjusting to working again.  I know, I know...I sound like such a whiner.  The routine and loss of time at home is still bothering me.  We have been travelling a lot too, and Brent has been very busy at work, which just means more solo responsibilities for me.  But, I am loving all my updates from Emma's school.  We get an email with all her daily info (what she ate, what she did, if she napped) at the end of each day, and also a picture.  I love it!

Emma's class is now doing learning games on a computer.  They have just started, and Emma learned how to sign on using her special symbol (a sun) on the first day. 

I think this is math time....

Emma's rendition on our home....at least she got the scraggly grass right:)

Last week, I was able to have lunch with my friend, Corrie, and her 7 week old daughter.  I remember how precious this time was, and also how trying and new it was.  It was so great to catch up, and get in some snuggles so Corrie could eat a meal with both hands.  Evie was a perfect lunch date as well - she barely made a peep:)

Since Labor Day, Emma has gone poop on the potty! I didn't want to jinx it, so I waited at least a week to announce it officially.  Back in the spring, Emma pooped on the toilet once, then swore it off.  She has been peeing since February with no accidents, and using a pull-up for poop.  This was kind of a battle because she would take almost 30 minutes to poop and it would be painful.  I finally gave her more fiber (in the form of yogurt covered raisins) and it's been a dream ever since.  No more pull-ups, no more pain, and all smiles!  

I would like to add that I feel like such a idiot for not realizing her need for fiber earlier...#momfail

Saturday, Brent had to work, and it was rainy, so we cancelled our lake plans. So the girls (Emma, my mom, and I) loaded up for a day trip to Hobby Lobby in Burlington.  I love this place, and honestly, if you're looking for a great day outing, Alamance Crossing is awesome.  They have a small playground that is covered, and lots of cute shops and restaurants - all outdoors.

Brent wouldn't let me bring this life-sized scarecrow doll home....

If you remember, my friend Carrie, did a giveaway for one of my necklaces last week.  Our schedules finally coincided (at PopUp - it felt good to workout again!!), and I was able to give her the one she chose.  She texted me this picture the next day:) 

Carrie, I love that it on you! (despite my OCD on the backwards shell...#howrudeofme)

Saturday night, we went to my parents for dinner.  Emma loves to play in my dad's shop.  So, while she played with 60 year old Lego's, Brent and I practiced our selfies....I think we may need some help:)

Sunday was gorgeous, so Brent continued work on his shop (the windows are in and door functioning!) and Emma and I went outside.  We got ice cream and went to the park.

I forgot Emma's sunglasses in the car, and she was complaining the whole time. She kept asking for mine, saying I should "Share!"  Before you judge me for not sharing, Emma broke 2 pairs of her own sunglasses in 3 days last week.  So....sorry, not sorry for not sharing my Tory Burch sunnies:/

I love watching her do things on the playground that she was once too scared to do. Emma is getting more brave, but also much more coordinated.

While everyone else has now busted out their sweaters and boots, I am still not totally sold on the cold weather.  But I did stock up on some darker colored beads this weekend for some fall styles.  This new guy accompanied me to work yesterday.....

Tomorrow is my day off, so I am hoping to go out to the lake with Emma.  We have one last tournament this weekend, and then I think the summer activities will be slowing down a lot:(  I fear the water will cool off pretty quick with these nights in the 50's. But I am looking forward to pumpkin patches, crisp days outside, and cooking warm meals in the kitchen!

Happy almost fall, everyone!

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