Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why I blog.....

I know not many people read this, but I really enjoy blogging. I think it gives me an outlet to document my life and also connect in some weird way to others out there who also blog. I love reading my friend's blogs, and also finding new blogs to follow written by people I will probably never meet. But somehow, I feel connected to them.... all of them. I wish I could spend more time "in the flesh" with my friends, but reality is, I just can't. But I can keep up with them and see how they're doing and smile at their witty jokes and cute pictures. Then, when I do see them "for real," I don't feel so lost. And I connect with these other mamas out there blogging about their lives and how they make it work and how sometimes it doesn't work, and I get to feel a bit better about my failures too because someone else is going through it. I may not know them, but I GET them and they get me. 
(If you're at all curious and want to start reading some good blogs, check out my list on the left here!)
I will never be a professional blogger...even though that sounds awesome!  I am probably also only writing this for a few people to ever read - hey Carrie, Rebekah, and Valerie!  But, I love doing it, and that's that!
One of my favorite blogs to read is written by my friend, Carrie, who just happens to turn 35 today - Happy Birthday! (And she is my real friend, not some far of stranger that I stalk on the internet like my other blog friends)  I was so honored/terrified when she asked to feature some of the jewelry I've been making on her blog giveaway. (Just the thought that someone actually liked my stuff and wants to share it with others meant EVERYTHING to me!!) So head over to her page, read her funny potty training stories, wish her an awesome day, and smile! 


  1. Oh heck yeah, love me a good contest for some sweeeetttt jewelry. You rock!

  2. You are too sweet!!! Thank you!!!! Xoxo