Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy 9 Years to Us!!

Today is my wedding anniversary - 9 years of marriage and smiles:)  We've been together for a total of 15, so really, it feels longer than 9 a good way, I promise!!

We took a little getaway weekend to Ocracoke this past weekend.  Honestly, we don't do many alone trips and that's ok.  Some people really need them (and of course I would love to do more if work, life, and bank accounts would let us....hint hint), but we try and do a good job of being together at home too and haven't minded that we don't travel alone too much.  Granted, we only have 1 kid...and we are both kinda homebodies.  Either way, it was nice to be alone and not take care of anyone (amen!!).  My bag was lighter, my mind was clearer, and I was way relaxed!

We left early Friday morning - before Emma got up:(  We caught the 10:00 ferry from Swan Quarter, and ended up knowing some other people on there, which was nice to catch up and talk.  It was very, very windy and rough.....but kinda cool (I had on jeans and needed a sweater also).  

Brent may or may not have popped open a beer on the ride over, and we both set up our chairs in the truck bed and relaxed.  (we're soooooo sophisticated...)

The ferry ride takes about 2 and a half hours.

Once we arrived, we couldn't check in to our room yet, so we ate some lunch here.  I can't even explain how awesome the weather was - dry, breezy, and not hot.  

We did some shopping (there are only like 5 shops on the island, so don't get jealous), and then walked to the crafty beer/wine place we always go to for a drink before dinner.

We tried to take a good selfie....but didn't have much luck.... 

Brent threatened to try and bring this log home for his F3 workouts....what is it with these F3 men...obsessive!!!

We ate dinner at the Flying Melon the first night, and it was amazing.  They don't have a website, so I can't link with them, but trust was delicious!

The bar area was especially cozy:)

Both nights, our ritual was eat dinner (at 6ish....because I get hungry early!), then ride bikes to the beach, watch sunset, then head back for dessert and drinks. Oh...and bed by 10pm.  We were Cuhrazzzyy!!

It was beautiful each night.

I manage to find stray animals wherever I go.  Oddly enough, I have a similar picture of me with another stray cat on our honeymoon 9 years earlier.

Saturday was beautiful, but really windy.  The weather was gorgeous, but the wind on the beach was just too much.  We were getting pelted by sand!  We only stayed there for about an hour and a half until we gave up.  Neither of us are really sit on the beach people anyway...we get bored and need a boat ride fast!

We did have the place to ourselves, though!!

We decided to ride bikes all around the island that afternoon, which was a lot of fun.  Here I am being super touristy...

We ate at the Back Porch that night, which is hands down one of our favorite places.  We have been several times and LOVE it.  Being there just makes me feel so relaxed, and I truly felt at peace.  Oftentimes, you just can't settle down on vacation (are the kids ok? is the house ok? a million stressors running through your mind), and I really was able to enjoy this night, in the moment.

We did our normal dinner, bike ride, sunset, then dessert:)

We took the 10am ferry to Cedar Island for a change in scenery on the way home.  Again, the weather was gorgeous and this ferry was a bit nicer, with observation decks and seats on the front and back.  I did a lot of reading....and finished this book later that night.  I can't say enough wonderful things about it - Jen Hatmaker has a way of writing where I just GET her, and she makes me laugh and cry.  I feel like we would be good friends if we knew each other.

A stranger saw us sitting together and offered to take our picture - I was like "where have you been this whole trip?!? We're awful at selfies!" 

The ride home was really, really long (it always is, isn't it?!?)  And we were ready to get back to Emma.  A HUGE shout out to my parents for spoiling Emma the whole weekend.  Sometimes I think she would rather be with them more than me:(  

Brent took Monday off and I only worked a half day, so we got to spend some time together as a family.  This weekend, we are headed to Wrightsville again to play with the Buchanan's - we can't wait!!!!

So, Happy Wednesday to all....and Happy 9 years to the Hubs - Love you, B!

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