Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall is here!

I love this time of year....cooler weather, slower pace, routines set in, and lots of excitement with Holidays approaching.  

Last week, we did something that we should have done years ago....visit the public library.  I feel like such an idiot for never coming here.  50 book checkout max for 3 weeks?!?!?  Yes please!!!!

Emma had a blast.  She immediately started pulling down books and reading them.  Yes, the floor is nasty, but how idyllic is this shot?  This is exactly what libraries should look like:)

Emma also loves to "read" aloud to her "friends"

As if the millions of books weren't enough, there were tables with crayons and paper, and puzzles!!  It was awesome!


We came home with 13 books....and have read almost all.  Emma is finally at an age where she can pay attention to longer books, so we are trying out some new ones before buying them.

We had the lake all to ourselves last week too.  Cooler temps means all the wahoos hibernate from the public lakes this time of year.  It was beautiful, and such a fun time with my dad and Emma.

I snapped this shot before taking Emma to school.  Because she is potty trained, most of her pants and skirts still fit her, as with her tops and dresses.  Her feet, however, have outgrown all her winter shoes.  She is now in size 8 toddler.

We had one last tournament at the lake, and it could not have been better weather! 80's, sunny, and no wind! Emma had a blast making sand castles and jumping in the water.

The lake hosted a silent auction to raise money for our well (because the lake can become un-skiable if we have drought conditions).  I brought some of my jewelry to donate, and of course, my 2 favorite ladies won them!  I just love these 2 women, and feel so blessed to have them in my life!

Last year's Halloweed pj's still going strong....

Brent has had to work late some with the new opening of a satellite store in Capital Oaks Retirement.  He went in and said goodnight to Emma one night before she was really asleep and I happened to be able to watch on the sweet:)

He's also had to leave before she gets up some mornings, so we have been going all high tech and using Facetime!!

This past Wednesday, I started my Women's Bible Study at church.  It is a year ong commitment, and I was hesitant, but am realizing I am going to love it.  My group has about 15 other women in it, and I can already tell we are going to be great friends! I am looking forward to this time of fellowship every week!
Afterwards, my dear friend, Jane, and I went to lunch at Meadowmont.  She also does the study and Emma just adores her and her family.  Plus, Emma is obsessed with the fountain there...

This site offers free screenshots every Wednesday....I love her designs and the inspiring verses.

After a massive grocery store trip at our newly renovated Food Lion (woot woot!), I made this dish that I raved about earlier this month.  It is sooo easy and delicious!  With cooler rain headed our way, the fridge is stocked with some serious comfort food (and wine...)

I am looking forward to a fun weekend surprise for Brent...his birthday is next Wednesday:)  I am also almost done with my fall decor...which makes me super happy:)  I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!!!

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