Saturday, June 27, 2015

AB week with the Jones Family

After the lake, we headed to the beach for the week with our dear friends, Marcus and Lilly.  They were at their family's beach house with their 2 kids, and their cousins, who also have 2 kids.  Although the children were much older than Emma, they did a really good job playing together and looking after her.

Our first day there, we didn't get there until 1:30pm.  So we got settled in and the guys took the kids to the pool nearby, and the girls went shopping.  We got cleaned up for dinner and ate at El Zarappe...which was either AMAZING or I was just so hungry that it didn't matter.  Either way, it was a blast!  After dinner, we headed to the beach for a walk.

The next morning, the guys went fishing and took the 2 boys with them.  Lilly and I walked 4 miles (in the blazing heat), and then headed down to the beach.   

Emma did really good, but she is fearless and I have to really watch her and be with her non-stop. 

That night, we got a babysitter and the adults went into Beaufort to eat at Blue Moon...which was delicious - probably a new favorite.  I didn't take any pictures:(

Wednesday, Lilly and I walked our 4 miles in the morning, and then we took the kids out on the boat.  Here we are, all girls (and Brent driving) to the marina where to get on the boat.

Emma must be in an intense conversation here...

I took a selfie because the boat is my happy place.  I will take a boat ride and island hopping any day!

Emma kept yelling "faster, faster" and totally was annoyed by the no wake zones.

We stopped at Carrot Island (near Beaufort) to go exploring and playing in the water.  This is much better for Emma because the waves are not rough and she can play and swim without being washed away at sea:)

We stopped in Beaufort on the way back to get some ice cream.  My heart melts looking at these sweet children holding hands:)

Emma requested strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and a cherry!

Wednesday night, we had another babysitter and headed to City Kitchen to eat.  It was also delicious, and the view was amazing as well.
Here is crazy Beth photobombing our sweet couple pic...I just had the best time laughing with her:)

The whole crew...what a blessing to be able to enjoy the week with these sweet friends!

Thursday was out last day there (Boo!) so we headed to the beach that morning.  We planned to stay there most of the day and come home that night.  Unfortunately, both Brent and I had to work Friday.

We tried for a family pic....FAIL.

This sweet girl loved being outside....but quickly gets tired of the sand (she kept tugging at her suit), and frustrated because she can't get into the water like she can at the pool or lake.  Regardless, she had a blast!!!!

We packed up that afternoon, and headed to Beaufort to walk around, hit some shops, and grab a drink and some appetizers on the waterfront before driving home.  We left there about 6pm, very reluctantly.  The drive home was boring and sad, and to we hit some really bad storms on the last leg of the trip.  It was lightning all around us the whole last 45 minutes and monsooning.  It didn't make unpacking very much fun:(  We are missing the beach and our friends something fierce today....and can't wait until next time!

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