Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer: Week 1 down!

Our first week of summer was uneventful.  Truth be told, I was a bit upset because it rained all. week.  The only nice day we had was Monday, and then for the rest of the week, it rained and was cool.  I had big plans all week to be outside and do all kinds of fun things.  So of course, I exhausted all our indoor activities in the first 2 days.  Ugh.

We did make it through and are enjoying some nicer weather now.  Here is our week in pictures...
My uncle was in town for the weekend, so we spent a lot of time hanging out with him and my parents.  Sadly, my aunt couldn't be here because her mother has been very sick (she actually just passed away a few days ago, and I'm glad she was in Maine with her).

Emma loves "Bambi" (as his grandkids call him)...and warmed right up to him.  We only see them twice a year, but make it worthwhile when we do!


Sunday, we went to the pool with the Winslows and their family that was in town.  Emma had a blast, and really loves the pool.  It was exhausting though, and Emma had a few metldowns:(  This was the start of a few difficult days of non-listening and stubborn-ness....

Monday, I stained most of the deck...after Brent had pressure washed it Sunday.  I should have had Brent move off all the furniture because it rained Monday night and didn't stop until Friday....ugh.

On rainy days, we did a lot of crafts (beading), watching TV (worst mom ever), and annoying the cats.

Wednesday was my dad's 65th birthday and Emma wanted to bring him flowers:)

We all went out to dinner that night, and Emma got to blow out the candles, of course.

We went to the grocery store one day, and Emma insisted on wearing her slippers....and carrying the basket....I had already spent 3 days inside with her, so I let this one go.

Friday, we were fed up with the weather and decided to head to the lake anyway.  It was cloudy and cool, but we had a blast anyway!

This was Emma's first time in the boat alone (without someone besides a driver), and she did really good.  She was scared at first, then warmed up and loved it!  Everytime I skied, she would clap.  And when we would sit down in the water on the ends, she would say "let's go again!!"  She wanted to help drive towards the end of the day, which isn't really a good idea, so we will work on that.  I did use a part of rope to hold her to the seat, so she couldn't get up and walk around the boat when we were going.


 We ended the day with beer and dinner on the dock...we had the lake to ourselves and it was heavenly!

Saturday, we spent the day cleaning and doing lots of yard work preparing for Emma's birthday party on Sunday!  So, of course, "Queen" Emma had a blast at Lowe's:)



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