Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Someone stop me...

Y'all....I can't seem to stop making these necklaces...I need serious help! 
I started making the tassel ones, and love them!  They're so lightweight and perfect for any season.

I made some smaller seashell necklaces...the pink one is for Emma (it's strung on elastic), and the triple seashell is for we can match:)!

I discovered this awesome leather booth at the bead show, where you can make your own leather jewelry.  You just buy the findings and cut to order leather...all different colors and styles.  It was so easy, I made these in 5 minutes.

Another tassel necklace...not a great picture, but I love these multi-colored pearl shell beads.
Elastic bracelets are soooo easy and fun to make.  They take almost no time at all, and are so fun to stack.

I have a feeling I will be busy all week with my new beads...we even had oysters the other night, so I plan on painting the shells gold for some more beauties:)  All I hope is that my neighbors have not noticed me wearing the same necklaces EVERY DAY:)

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  1. I want some!!!!!!! Those are soooo cute!!!!! How much ya charging??