Monday, June 15, 2015


We took Emma to the Zoo on her birthday.  We decided last year to always take off on each other's birthdays from now on. I love the idea (especially since I'm off anyways most days!)
Emma did awesome, and she had a blast.  She rode well in the stroller when she needed to (I was worried she wouldn't want to ride and also be tired to a meltdown might occur...I was wrong!)  It was a warm day, but most of the park is in the shade, much to our surprise, and we really never got too warm. 
The best part, by far, was feeding the giraffes.  I would pay $2 all day to do that.
I'm going to be lazy and just post a bunch of pictures, and I hope everyone (all 5 of you) can figure out what's going on without a caption or explanation:)



It really was a fun day, and I think we will definitely be going back once the weather cools off some. It's 100 I'm really glad I'm inside and not there right now:)

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