Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The BIG 3!

Today, my little girl turns 3 years old. 
Emma is full of love, energy, and personality.
She is sweet, and a bit sassy.
She is also strong-willed and likes to push my buttons.

She likes to color, and is left handed.  She loves to do crafts, especially beading on pipe cleaners and painting.
Her favorite phrases:
Whenever I do anything....."Can I come, too?"
Whenever we pull into the driveway, in reference to her friend next door......"Is Brooklyn home?"
Whenever anything is crying, or even shaking (as in the outboard boat motor)...."She wants her mommy."
When we are planning meals, and I pull out an item of food..."I want something to go with it."
Every morning during the school year when we walk in her room first thing.... "You got your jammies on?"
Whenever she does anything, and I have just down...."Can you help me?"
Whenever we listen to music...."It's my song! No singing!"
She is very smart and amazes me with the things she says and knows.  She is very imaginative, and plays really well by herself.  I often catch her talking to herself and playing out loud. 
Her new favorite shows are Curious George and Angelina Ballerina (courtesy of Netflix).
She carries a purse with her whenever we go anywhere....usually containing a book, her leapfrog, and a few trinkets.  Her binkie still comes with her everywhere, but I have noticed she has gotten a little less reliant on it.
She is potty trained for the most part.  She always pees on the toilet (which is a struggle at the lake where every red-blooded American knows you pee in the lake).  She has not pooped in a toilet since that one and only time -she still demands a pull up for that. I'm not worried though...she'll get it.
There are many moments when Brent and I look at each other just grinning with love, and in awe of who Emma is becoming.  We are beyond blessed and love watching our Emma bear grow and learn every day.
Happy 3rd birthday, bug-bug!!


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