Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Graduation 2015

Every late spring, I get a cold..I can't complain too much since I escaped winter without getting the flu or any other awful germs that go around.  But summer colds are the worst....

Luckily, I was not sick over the weekend, so I was able to celebrate Peace's graduation.  I am immensely proud of all my students, and am blessed to get to work with some of the smartest and most wonderful of them on campus.  

I always get my graduating tutors gifts, so this year I picked out books for each of them and wrote a special note in each one.  I hope they look back on them with fond memories and remember how talented they are:) basketball player, Political Science tutor, and all around wonderful guy!

Meghan was one of my best algebra tutors, and will be an amazing teacher now!

Sarah...I lucked out big time scoring her as a writing amazing person, banjo player, and friend!

I work with some of the most supportive and caring these ladies!

Katie, the Graduation speaker...a talented writer, actress, and person!

It wouldn't be a Peace graduation without getting in the fountain.

Terrace will graduate next year...along with some other very amazing students.  I will cry, very hard. 

Some of the faculty and staff celebrating at Natty Greene's afterwards.  It has been a rocky few year at Peace with administration changes, we are very much looking forward to a new President and good changes ahead.

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