Thursday, May 28, 2015

Life lately...

After composing myself from making every mistake in the world 2 weeks ago, I am happy to say I have not burned down anything or locked myself out of life is good!!

Emma's glue "stitches" on her face have fallen off and we are putting neosporin like crazy on it, hoping it won't scar.  I know that sounds vain of me, but life is hard enough without being a girl with a scar on your cheek.

The cats love dinner time because Emma is such an easy target...

One day last week, I totally reorganized my jewelry, and Emma had a blast with my Lily and Laura bracelets.

We've been sitting outside a lot in the evenings waiting for dad to get home...or the neighbors - anyone who wants to play!

We went to Saxapahaw one night and ate at the Eddy Pub.  It was delicious, and gorgeous there.  I see many return trips in our future.

On a particularly "hard" day with Emma, my dad invited us to head out to the lake for a quick boat ride before the rain came in.  It was perfect...and just what Emma (and I) needed to turn our moods around.

Emma's also really into washing cars....and I will never turn down help these days!

For Memorial Day weekend, I headed to the lake in Gates with Emma and my parents, and Brent went offshore with some friends.  The drive to Gates was peaceful thanks to this scene here...

Family selfie Friday night!!

Brent sent me this picture at 6am Saturday as they headed out to sea..

and then this one later that day..

I drove to Washington Saturday night to meet Brent.  We stayed with our good friends, Marcus and Lilly, and had a great time.  This was my dinner view on the porch.

and my little buddy sittin with me to enjoy it:)

Sunday, we spent the day with Brent's family.  First, we went to Belhaven and we both paddle boarded for the first time.  I promise, I finally stood up...Brent just didn't get any pictures!  It was windy and choppy on the river, so it was quite a workout!  Then we ate dinner in Bath.

We came home Sunday night so that we could wake up in our own beds.  Emma hasn't been the best sleeper when we travel - she stays up way too late and no one gets any sleep.  We spent the day Monday cleaning, unpacking, and getting ready for our week.  This is my last week at work before my summer break.  I am beyond excited....but also really nervous about being home with Emma all week.  I haven't done that since maternity leave!  I know there will be good days and bad days.  I also know it will go really fast and I want to really enjoy every moment of it - the good and bad.  I am currently making a list of things I want to do, projects, fun trips, crafts, etc... for our summer.  I see a lot of lake trips, backyard pool days, and crafting ahead:)  

(and meltdowns, tears, eye rolls.....)

Speaking of crafts, I'll leave you with my current obsession - my seashell necklaces!  I think I have worn one about everyday.  I was really proud when I walked into SOUTH, and all the ladies were oohing and aahing over one of them - saying I should sell them, etc...  I have NO desire to sell things I make - that just takes it to another level of stress, and I do this because I LOVE making them.  I love seeing something, getting an idea and reproducing it for much less.  Don't ge me wrong, if someone wants to buy me a Twine and Twig piece, please, go ahead:)  

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