Monday, May 18, 2015



I feel like anything that could go wrong, has.  

And I know that's not entirely true...but let's make a list, shall we?

1. May 9 (Friday) Emma begins to show signs of the infamous tantrum phase.  I feel like we only go through it 3 times a year, but when it's on, IT'S ON.  Errands become nightmares, Emma doesn't nap, she throws violent tantrums.....  Lucky for me, she threw one at Homegoods and the ABC Store this Friday.  It was horrifying.  I was truly embarassed, and worried for Emma's safety.  (Small children and glass bottles don't mix well)

One night this week, she literally almost kicked her door down.  She even cut her finger somehow in the the tamtrum.  It was neighbors might call the cops bad.  I'm hoping it ends soon or we may be getting out that "For Sale" sign.  #kidding

2. Mother's Day - I go out for a quick errand alone and come home to a child who needs her face glued at Urgent Care.  You can read it about that here.  While this one was not my fault, it was still painful and nerve-wracking.

3. I take Emma to workout Monday, and as we are leaving, I manage to lock her in the car.  As I was putting her in the carseat, I decided to use the automatic start to get the AC going.  To do this, you hit lock twice, then the engine button.  I placed the keys on the center console, buckled her in, then shut the back door and went to open my door.  But it was locked.
It was a hot day - about 11am, and the engine cuts off after 10 minutes.  I don't have On Star (because I'm cheap), and my hubby works 35 minutes away.  I find a friend who hasn't left yet and she decides we need to call 911.  Meanwhile, I call Brent to give him the bad news that I have locked our child in a hot car.  He races home (and by "races" I mean he runs everyone off the road between Raleigh and Chapel Hill), the police come, only to not have the tool they need to open the door. Emma is fine, but she's getting antsy and I'm trying to act normal so as not to alarm her (because I always put her in the car then proceed to stand outside of it for 30 minutes....)

Brent finally gets there and we unlock the car...Emma is crying, hot, and sweaty all over.  Her hair is wet.  I felt like a complete failure and idiot - because you may recall that I've locked myself out of the car or house twice now in 3 months (#loser)
She got over it quickly, but I think I have a few grey hairs, and less stomach lining.

4. Tuesday evening, I turn on the oven and begin to make a quiche for dinner.  I proceed to open the oven to place the quiche inside, and there is a fire.  FLAMES.  Something must have fallen and built up and was now ON FIRE in my oven.  I quickly shut the door, turn it off and panic for a second.  Why is it you can never dial the number or remember ANYTHING in panicked situations?  I'm calling Brent to tell him and I can't find the fire extinguisher (of. course.)  He's yelling at me to calm down, and I'm tearing our laundry room apart trying to find it.  I finally do, and it's still in the box, so I'm ripping it open and trying to figure out how to use it.  My plan was not open the oven until I had the extinguisher ready.  I'm blonde, so of course I had visions of flames shooting out of the oven like a furnace and didn't realize that it would go out as soon as I shut the door and cut it off.
Meanwhile, Emma is watching Umi Zoomi or some show like that and has no idea what has just happened. 
Let's all say it together....#loser  #blondemoment

5. I spent all week working with 5 other girls on a baby shower for my dear friend, Corrie.  And I finally lose it with one of the girls - partly my fault - and send her a rude email.  I feel bad about it, and smoothed things over for the most part.  I think I was just nearing the point where I had no more patience and I was receiving 15 emails a day about the shower and some of them passive aggressive.  I don't do passive aggressive.  I'd rather just be direct, cry for a minute, then move on knowing we all got it out.  But anywho.  I feel awful that I let stupid stuff get to me, and I know I am a better person than that.  Lesson learned - don't email when frazzled.

6. The baby shower is Sunday, and I am getting ready to pick up the cake at Whole Foods in Raleigh.  It was ordered Wednesday and supposed to be ready at 10am.  It's 10:45 and they CAN'T FIND MY CAKE.  I think I may have started to smoke a bit.  They start scrambling, because Blondie is about to have a moment, and tell me that their decorator called out sick so they have someone who can work on it now and it will be about 15 minutes.  I'm like, I don't want some thrown together cake that looks like I frosted it, I want it done right or not at all. It's made, but not iced or decorated yet.  I normally am very calm and forgiving, but I was not happy.  I had to go to Fresh Market, get another order of food there, take it to Oakwood to drop off, then drive all the way back to Whole Foods to get the cake.  The lady also warns me that since the cake has just been decorated, it has not had a chance to "set" in refrigeration, so I should drive real careful and not let it sit in the car.  So I get my cake, which they discounted a little, but not enough to please me at the moment, and drive like a grandma all the way to the shower.  I'm a nervous wreck.

So, there it disaster of a week.  I am thankful, that nothing was worse than it was.  But I'm still frazzled, and I don't know why.  I only have one kid and can't seem to get it together half the time, and she's EASY.  I think I'll blame it on my hair..

Here's hoping this week is NOT like last week!!

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