Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A whole lot of randomness...

Just a snippet of life these days....

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week, and I admit, I was not on top of it this year.  I wish I could afford to give Emma's teachers all something really special because I truly am sooo thankful for the awesome care they give Emma....but ironically, I am paying for daycare...which means I have no money.  (If you don't know, good daycare is outrageous...just sayin...)

This year, they sent out a newsletter telling parents not to forget about the support staff (floaters, the chef, etc...) and I totally get that because they work so hard but because they aren't assigned to a classroom, I bet their appreciation goodies are slim.  

So I decided to put together small things in a drink tumbler for all 9 of the staff/teachers at Emma's school (2 classroom teachers, 3 office admins, 3 floaters, and 1 chef).

I got the shower pouf, hand cream, and drink tumbler at the Dollar Tree (don't hate).  Then I went to Bath and Body Works for the shower gel.

I stuffed it all inside, and wallah!!!  Usually, I do gift cards, but figured at least everyone got a little something this year.  

Saturday, Brent had to work, so I took Emma to Marble's to meet some good friends' whose son was turning 5.  Emma had a blast!!

Here's Emma, Eli, and Lilly. 

(Emma and Eli are holding hands...be still my heart!!)

The rest of the kids...

Emma and Eli walked to the parking lot together like this...we all kept joking around wondering what they possibly could be talking about!

This past weekend, Emma also decided to poop on the potty (Carrie...this section is for you!!!!)  Emma has been peeing on the toilet for months now, but still wanted a pullup diaper to go poop.  I really wasn't that upset about it, because I had heard horror stories about having to sit in the bathroom for hours waiting for your child to poop.  All of a sudden, Emma wanted to get out of her bath and go poop on the toilet.  I was certain she was bluffing and would just sit there for a second, then get up and ask for a pullup...but low and behold.......

Emma pooped in the toilet!

(I had a poop picture..in the raw here, but then after looking at it, decided my toilet was dirty and that was more disgusting to me than Emma's poop...so consider yourself spared!)

I will include Emma's first real flush...which actually required 2 flushes and some plunging from dad...yep...Emma stopped up the toilet (Brent was soooo proud!)

Brent and I screamed in excitement the whole time and praised her!  She didn't seem too phased and looked kind of scared actually ("who are these crazy people and do I have to live with them forever?!?!?")

Unfortunately, we have not had any success since...and I held off on making her go Sunday since she had just spent her afternoon at Urgent Care. I did get back on the wagon yesterday and wouldn't give her a pullup.  I told her she had to go on the potty.  Am I messing up here?  Will it backfire?  Any advice mommas????

Anyway, I bet you're super glad you read this post and got to see such awesome pictures:)

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  1. you know I love a good poop post!!!!! Way to go, Emma!!!!!! So fun!!!! I clearly have zero advice on what do to in that department, sooooo, you just keep on keeping on! ha!