Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Y'all, a girl can never have enough jewelry...and I'm super excited about this little beauty that just made it's way onto my neck!

I saw the idea from a super cute mom-daughter duo that makes them in eastern NC.  Let be clear that I am completely in love with their stuff and will be buying some at some point (just not right was either air conditioning in my car or jewelry...hubs made me get AC).  

They sell their jewelry through their Instagram account or at a few retailers:
-For Your Convenience in Raleigh (if you have not been here, you NEED to go.  Like NOW.  It is awesome!)
-Beaufort Linen Company (another new favorite spot that just opened up!)
-Marsh's Surf Shop

I felt a little bad about copying their design for myself, but then I heard that this mom/daughter get their ideas from Twine and Twig and that's how they started making their own affordable versions!  I love Twine and Twig jewelry too, but if it ain't gold, I ain't spending $200 on it.... 

Here is my inspiration...(please go follow them on Insta...super cute stuff and somewhat affordable - plus made in NC - can't beat that!)

And here is my version...

I have tons of shells at home, so I had Brent drill a hole through some of mine using his Dremel, then I painted the shell with 2 coats of Martha Stewart acrylic paint (which I had leftover from when I made the wood bead gold necklace).  Then, Ornamentea bead store in Raleigh had the seaglass beads, and I had some leftover wood beads from A.C. Moore.  I am really happy with how it turned out and can't wait to make more!  

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!

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