Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

This year's Mother's Day was perfectly imperfect...just what motherhood is all about.  Embracing the chaotic moments that one by one seem impossible and awful, but all together make life lovely and beautiful.

Brent had made plans for an awesome dinner Saturday meet some good friends in Kinston to eat at Chef and the Farmer..but they fell through at the last minute.  It was a surprise to me, so I didn't even know about it.  Then, it was almost impossible for Brent to find anywhere in the Triangle to eat due to graduation and Mother's day...but he did so the plans were to eat out that night.  But after a long day and lingering bad cold, I just didn't feel well enough to go out to dinner.  I know that sounds lame, but if I'm gonna go out to eat a nice meal, I want to be able to enjoy it.  So we chilled at home and had a low key night (perfect for me...although of course I still want date night!)

Sunday morning, Brent gave me this card...which still makes me crack up!

We headed to church and Brent was awesome all day - I barely had to do anything - which is exactly what this day should be like!  

While Brent took Emma to the grocery store, I cleaned the house and then headed out to run a quick errand.  I sent Brent this text...

I was pulling back into the driveway when I saw Brent backing out....and kinda fast.  I thought he might run into me.  He yelled out the window for me to park the car and get in.  I thought.. "ooh...another Mother's day surprise!!" but I quickly saw panic in his face.  He told me to get in the backseat and that Emma had hurt herself.  
Jesus take the wheel.  You never want to hear those words.
I raced in and sweet Emma was holding her cheek with a towel.  She had stopped crying and was settled down.  She had been playing with fatwood (thick sticks that you can use to start fires).  She likes to pretend they're drumsticks.  Somehow, she tripped carrying one and fell on it.  It stabbed her little cheek.

I was surpringly calm...probably because I didn't witness it and all the blood that first came out.  Brent is much better at those type situations than I am.  I tend to over react and freak out...

We went to urgent care and prayed that they could glue it (stitches on a toddler near her eye seemed like an impossible idea).  The docs were super sweet and all the staff wanted to see little Emma's cheek...even before we got in her room.  They assured us they were certain they could glue it, which was a huge relief.

She was so good in the room.  I let her watch Doc McStuffins on my phone and she loved getting a"check up" just like Doc did on her toys.

And she did great laying down with me while the doctor rinsed out her wound....

But then she refused to lay still for the gluing.  The first try, she cried and her tears got into the glue, so it didn't work.  We had to forcefully hold her down while the nurse pushed her cheek together and the doctor applied the glue.  It was the most painful thing Brent and I had been through yet.  I know far too well that this was really nothing and other parents have way more horrific experiences with their children.  But having to hold your child down while she screams and yells and kicks was excruciating.  We were all in tears by the end.  The worst part is that after the glue gets put on, the nurse has to continue to hold her cheek together to make sure it dries for at least a minute.  

As soon as we let Emma up she leaped into our arms. And we didn't let go for awhile.  She was soo scared and I'm sure it hurt.  The staff was soo sweet and caring and I am thankful for a good experience.  They were probably worn out after that too.

When we were leaving, we noticed the waiting room was now full, and the people all kind of smiled at us with empathy when we walked out...I can't imagine what it must have sounded like for them!  

Despite it all, Emma was fine and perked right up as soon as it was over.  She requested a Happy Meal for dinner, so that's exactly what she had.  She could have asked for the moon, and we would have gotten it for her.  

Brent and I made banana pancakes for dinner and snuggled on the couch with Emma.  So, obviously, it was a less than ideal Mother's day...but it was perfect to me.  I know Emma is going to get hurt, and I know I can't always be there.  I was blessed to be able to care for her, and also parent together with Brent.  He is my rock, and I'm only a good mother because he takes such good care of us;)  

And of course....I beyond blessed with my own mother.  This lady loves me and Emma more than anything and always finds ways to show us.  She'll come over in a heartbeat to help, and never thinks twice about it.

I am thankful for a memorable, laughable, perfectly-imperfect Mother's day...and more importantly, for the tiny, sweet little voice that calls me mommy;)

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