Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Emma's birthday celebrations

Emma got to celebrate her birthday a few times this year.  Awhile back, we had decided to take her to Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend, instead of having a party. Emma is not a crowd person, and really only has a few friends.  Plus, I knew Emma would rather have the fun with us than have a party at our house with mostly adults and family.  Almost ALL of our friends have kids that are either older or boys, so when we hang out with friends, Emma is always the lone girl:(  Anywho, I wanted her to feel special and I knew she would love this trip. 
But I also wanted her to have a cake and birthday song too, so Thursday night we invited a few people to Chickfila for dinner and cake.  I let Emma pick out her cake Thursday at Whole Foods - she had said she wanted cupcakes, but when we got there, she spotted a cake that she had to have. 
I let her wear whatever she wanted (she picked her butterfly princess outfit and fancy shoes). 



She ad a good time - the weather was beautiful and I know she felt special!
The next morning was her birthday.  Her present this year (besides her trip) was a vanity desk with stool. I got some cute things to put on it (nail polish set and other girlie trinkets), and we snuck it in her room after she fell asleep.  We wanted her to wake up to it in the morning and be surprised.
Well....we surprised her 4:30am.  She must have woken up and saw something different in her room and it spooked her.  She started crying and yelling for us.  After we explained what it was and turned her light on so she could see it, she was pumped.  We told her the birthday fairy must have brought it in and woke her up:)  After a few snuggles, she was able to get back to sleep.  But we were already awake, so Brent went and got us donuts for her birthday breakfast.

This was taken right before her hair caught on fire:0  I saw it immediately and grabbed it with my hand to smother it. She has a few crinkly ends and it stank, but we are all good now.
We got ready, packed up the car, and headed to Great Wolf.  Emma looked so pretty before we left, so we snapped a few pictures.  I can't believe how old she is looking, and I must say...pretty.  I just love her smile and personality.



I was glad Emma fell asleep for part of the way there, because I knew she would be exhausted by the end of the day.

We arrived there right after lunch, and luckily, our room was ready before checkin time.  I had already told them it was her birthday, so Emma got a special birthday  bracelet that let everyone know it was her birthday.  When the staff would see it, they would wish her a happy birthday, and Emma thought she was so cool.  Our room was really nice, and on the first floor close to the waterpark entrance and lobby.  I didn't take many pictures because the nice thing about the lodge is that you don't have to carry money or a room key - it's all tied to your wrist bracelet.  We checked out the waterpark for an hour and so, and then noticed there was an outside part.  Of course, I didn't pack any suncscreen because I thought it was all indoors.  Emma loved the outside pool, so I quickly picked some up.  (Side note: they don't sell generic brand here, just SunBum...which I love, but it's horribly expensive. Lesson learned.)
We played putt putt (Emma's first time!), and then went back to the room to rest and shower. 
We stopped at the arcade and bowling alley, and Emma had a blast!!



We tried hula hopping before dinner in the lobby.

And after dinner, there was a magic show.
We actually didn't stay for story time, because we had plans of relaxing in the room with a movie and falling asleep.  But, to our dismay, they didn't have movie service.  (What??!!)  I thought that really odd for a lodge that caters to kids and families.  We even called the desk to ask.  I can rent a movie at any Holiday Inn, but not at Great Wolf.....go figure.
The next morning, we ate breakfast at the buffet, spent the last of our arcade money, packed up, then headed to the pool.  Even though we checked out at 11, you can still use the waterpark until the end of the day.  Honestly, 1 night was enough.  Emma was already showing signs of being tired, and the waterpark wasn't big enough where it required multiple days.
I relaxed while Brent swam with Emma.  Don't judge...we took turns in the pool.

Because I didn't pack sunscreen or a hat, or anything for an outdoor pool, Brent got these sunglasses for Emma at the lodge.  We posed for a picture:)
I took some pictures of the inside part of the park.  Here is Emma going on the giant slide.  I wasn't sure she would do it at first, and you aren't allowed to ride with someone else.  But she was fearless and had a blast.





After a few hours, I knew we better head home.  As we headed to the car, Emma said she wanted a picture by this rock, but could barely sit up.  (signs of a good birthday trip!)

She fell asleep before we even got to the highway...and the lodge was literally right off I-40:)

We stopped at Lexington BBQ for a late lunch/early dinner - my fave!!  It was a really fun trip, and Emma did so well.  Sometimes, staying in the same room all together can be a challenge.  But Emma did great, despite being exhausted.  I think next time we go, it will be during the week (maybe it won't be so crowded??), and hopefully Emma will have grown an inch to be able to ride the rest of the waterslides. 

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