Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our daily routine...

As hard as it may be, I really LOVE being a stay at home mom.  I love taking care of Emma and the house, and my husband.  Sorry...that's so corny and lame:)
Around 6am, I get up.  Brent sometimes (about 2-3 days a week) gets up before then to workout - sometimes at 4:45 (ugh..).  Most of the time, I am up before 6, which doesn't bother me because I like to eat and have coffee in peace.  Emma *used* to get up around 7-7:30.  But this past week, she has gotten up at 6:30ish.  This isn't so bad, because she's in a good mood.  It just makes for a LONG day....and I mean LLLLLOOOOONNNNGGGGGG.
Anywho....I eat the same breakfast everyday.  Since January.  I may have a problem. (In case you care, it's Quaker's Steel cut oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts.)
Emma has started coming out of her room on her own.  She used to just sit up in bed and wait for us to come get her.  One morning a week or so ago, she opened her door on her own, turned her fan off, shut her door, and came looking for us.  Now, it's her routine.  I kind of like's a sense of independence for her, and I don't have to keep checking the monitor to see if she's up or not.
She drinks chocolate milk, religiously, every morning while watching some her shows on TV.  (I have no idea where she gets her sense of routine from!!??)
If Brent works out, he gets home around 6:40, makes himself some breakfast, and watches TV with us.  I usually am checking my phone and drinking coffee - anything to drown out kid TV.  He normally leaves before 8am.
I usually have made childcare reservations at the gym around 9 or so, so we leave the house about 8:45.  Emma prefers wearing dresses, and getting dressed herself.  This adds about 15 minutes to what used to be a 3 minute process.  I have gotten into a little routine at the gym and I am loving it.  I also love, as weird as it sounds, that I'm usually the youngest one in my classes:)   I feel like all these mother hens watch out for me - except at Ballet Burn - more people my age take that class:)
Mondays: yoga and either elliptical or the bike
Tuesdays: spin class
Wednesdays: yoga at lunch
Thursday: Ballet Burn
Emma has no problems whatsoever going into childcare, and I love it.  I am not fighting her to go, and she has a great time.  I love having some time to myself, too:)
Afterwards, we run errands - usually the grocery store or whatever needs to be done for the day.  Sometimes, I'll take us to lunch.  And once a week or so, I try and take her in the pool with me after my workout and we will swim for a bit, then shower at the gym.  She really likes doing this together.
During the afternoon, I try and have rest time for Emma.  She *was* napping, but has since stopped.  I may try it again....not sure.  I do make her either rest in her room or on the couch with a movie.  I use this time to clean, do laundry, or make jewelry.  And sometimes I just veg out and do something mindless like watch my own TV:)
After rest time, we either run another errand (depending on whether we have been out of the house enough!!), or go outside and play on the playset.  She loves her playset and has such a good time on it.  The weather has been nice, so I have not minded being out there one bit.
I am trying to do one fun thing with Emma a week - lake trip, movies, museum, park, fun errand (like the candy store), story-time, play-date, etc..  (today we are going to see Finding Dory)
I try and have dinner ready by 6:30 when Brent gets home.  We are trying to eat healthier - but I am all about some easy recipes...any suggestions???  I am running out of ideas:(
Dinner time is usually chaotic - we are both yelling at Emma trying to get her to eat or stay in her chair, etc...  It really is exhausting.  And by this point in the day, I am done.  Emma is sweet, but she pushes the limits and can definitely be defiant.  Triggers seem to be: meal time, getting ready to go anywhere, getting ready for bed, and getting in the car.  I have no idea how people with multiple kids get anywhere on time - they must leave like an hour early just to be there 10 minutes late. 
We try and get Emma to bed by 7:30-8.  This is a challenge.  She gets this sudden burst of energy about this time and I feel like we live in a circus trying to get her pj's on and her upstairs.  Someone usually loses it (me), and I have to walk away for a few minutes.  We brush teeth, and use the potty (Emma has stopped pull-ups at night and has done great so far), and read 2 books.  Then one of us stays with her for a minute or two to says goodnight.  We take turns, but Brent gets to do it more since he is gone all day (oh, and my patience has ended at this point too - I'll own that).
Once Emma is in bed, we usually clean up the kitchen, and make coffee for the next day.  By this time, we are both so tired, and it's only like 8:30 (we suck).  We love to watch Parenthood on Netflix, or Fixer Upper.  Most of the time, we are in bed by 9-9:30, and I always fall asleep before Brent. there's a typical day.  This was a super boring post, but I know I will want to look back on it someday.
Some things on my mind lately:
Emma has been getting up earlier, going to bed later, and not napping.  What. the. heck.
I need to get Emma some swim lessons.  And even then, I have no idea how I won't freak out watching her go under the water and play on her own without swimmies.
Why won't my child eat?
It's been 3 weeks at home, and I'm already needing a break.  I'm sure that's normal, but Emma may be going to camp earlier than planned this summer......whoever invented summer camps was a genius.
I need to work on patience.  I have none these days.  I go from sweet mom to Mrs. Trunchbull in 20 seconds.  I hate it, but my fuse is short these days:(
I have a lot of house and yard work to do....I feel so overwhelmed.  I have no idea when I'll get it done.  I think I've passed the stressed out point and have just given up:(
I could go on and on, but I know no one cares!!  I'm off to make more jewelry for an etsy order and an appointment at a local store Friday:)  Then it's yoga and the movies for me and Emma!  Happy day to all!

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