Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Life lately

We are having a good time so far this summer!  Here's a look at what our life has been like lately....
On a recent grocery store trip, Emma wanted to stop and take a picture by this tree (???), so I obliged. 

I had to take Emma to work with me one morning (she did great, by the way), and we had lunch with dad at Cantina 18 (a great little Mexican place in Cameron Village).  She was being a bit difficult and wanted to climb all over daddy.  Now he gets why I'm so exhausted by the end of the day:)

We met some friends at Carolina Inn for music Friday night, and Emma had fun dancing to the  music.  It rained for about 3 seconds, but just enough to clear out everyone, so it was heavenly to have the lawn to ourselves! I used to love going here, but lately, it's been SOOOO CROWDED.  I am just not into crowds...any other suggestions for fun outside evening activities????

This past weekend, our lake held a tournament, so Emma spent much of the day in the water.  It was an awesome time, but I was exhausted after being in the water and sun all day!  The weather could not have been better - low humidity and cooler temps.

I got Emma these goggles from the bargain section in Target, and she loves them!  I am loving how brave she is getting in the water.


Sunday was Father's Day, and Brent left the lake to go take his dad to lunch in Morehead (they do it every year), so I was solo with this rascal.  We had some moments...she loves to push my buttons and make me upset, so I am trying to ignore her and not let it phase me in hopes that it will stop soon.  But, she is still full of personality...



At the end of the day, my dad was saying goodbye to us and Emma grabbed his hat and insisted on wearing it every way but the right way.



Despite this enthusiasm, she was asleep before we even hit the paved road leaving the lake:)  This week, we are back to our normal routine....more on that in the next post!
I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!!!

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