Thursday, July 24, 2014

And then this happened.....

I have been swooning, no...make that obsessing....over Helen Ficalora lately.  I even entered 2 giveaways for one of her of which was where followers could post pictures of themselves wearing HF jewelry.  But since I had none, I used a guilt trip picture (mainly for my Hubs to see)...

And you might recall, I posted about this giveaway yesterday from a sweet store in CA that specializes in eco-friendly and organic products for families.

And then I woke up to this email this morning....

I've been laughing ever since...giddy...feeling ten feet tall.  See, I never win luck at raffles, no luck at lottery scratch offs...I don't think I ever won at bingo to be honest.  And in the past 3 months, I have won almost $400 worth of goodies.  And the awesome part about this win was that I REALLY wanted to win.  It's almost like I feel guilty, it's so unbelievable.  

I am really enjoying my new network of blog, social medias friends (I say "Friends" but I really mean people I stalk on the internet....)  I love reading people's stories, finding out about new brands, and sharing my life with my 10 readers (are there really 10 of you??)  I feel joy posting and I do it for me...not anyone else.  I know Emma will either die of excitement or embarrassment one day in the future that her whole life is recorded on here.

So, thank you, Mother's Organic and Helen Ficalora, for being so gracious with your talents and goodies!  I will wear my necklace with pride, and pass it down to my Emma when the time is right.  It will serve as a reminder that above all else in my life, my role of MOM is the most important - I have the unique opportunity to show my child (or children, God-willing) how to be a Godly wife, woman, friend, worker, and mother....and for that gift, I am grateful:)

Now....what other charms can Hubs buy me for our anniversary next month???!!!!!!

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