Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Won! I Won!

I never win when Kelly emailed me to tell me I won a new Monogrammed Otter Box Iphone cover, I was elated!  I love Kelly's blog, and find it refreshing that she also writes about her teaching and life (I love fashion, but it can only go so know?)

Proof that I actually won something!

Of course, it took me weeks to figure out what kind of cover I wanted.  For starters, my iphone was over 3 years I didn't want to invest in an awesome cover for such an old phone.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to get a new one.  Problem was, the iphone 5's are different sizes, so I needed to wait to see which model I was going to get.

Last time we went to the beach, we headed to Shackleford banks on the boat.  I took my phone out of the cover so we could play it on the portable radio.  When we headed back to land, I put my phone and Brent's in a plastic bag (it can get wet on the ride in if it's windy) and we headed back.  I was sitting in the front with Emma, who had fallen asleep on my chest.  We were hitting some bumpy water and I could hear things moving around...but all of a sudden, I heard Brent say "well...looks like you're getting a new phone!"  I thought he was joking, but I turned around to see my beautiful, faithful phone screen shattered into a zillion pieces.  It was still functioning, thankfully.  But I knew I could not be THAT person with the crunked up phone.

Later that week, I headed to Verizon to assess my options.  I decided to go with the Iphone 5S, and did the EDGE program, which allows you pay monthly and not be locked into a contract.  I also upgraded to the 32GB storage because I was sick of trying to erase pictures and apps every time I didn't have enough storage to take a picture.  (stop judging...I know there are better ways to manage that, but I'm trying!)  Ironically, my Iphone 4 started shutting off without reason the day I was going to upgrade...and at the store refused to come back on.  I took it as a sign that it was time for a new one.

Boutique Me's site is super fun to play around with...and you get to see what your phone will look like (a huge plus!).  There were so many choices, and I actually was scared to finally pull the trigger.  Shipping was really fast, and I was so excited to use my new cover (and know that it was going to protect my phone too)

The people at Boutique Me were delightful, and I am very thankful for them and KellyintheCity for doing such great giveaways.  Next time someone on your social media feeds re-posts a giveaway pic, go ahead and just might win!!!

Currently, I am crossing my fingers on this win......(I know my chances are pretty slim - 2 wins in 2 months????)

I had not heard of this designer before, until a friend had some charms on this past weekend at the ski tournament (thanks Allison!).  I immediately wrote her name down and made sure to research her later.  I had been in search of some initial charms that wouldn't tarnish.  I was pretty disappointed with the ones I had that were only gold-plated (I promise, I am not a snob).  I want to wear it all the time and not worry about the quality.  I didn't want something that would change color or dent, and if I wanted to, I could pass it down to Emma....enter Helen Ficalora......

I had never heard of her, but I love how simple and elegant her jewelry is, and how she only sells at her boutiques.  Of course, I am not near any, so I will have to phone order (she also doesn't do online ordering!)  Either way, Brent is REALLY hoping I win this giveaway, so that he can stop hearing me talk about how great her stuff is:)

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