Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A new start....

Today marks a new beginning for me and our family.  

I feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity to start working part-time.  It has been a dream of mine ever since Emma was born.  I truly enjoy working and what I do, but I increasingly realized how much time that was consuming me away from Emma and Brent, and I just couldn't live with that any longer.  I officially start working part-time today, July 1.  I will work 3 days a week, and I couldn't be more happy.  I have sooooo many things I want to do with Emma and in my time at home.  I also think, professionally, this will be a good time for me to reflect and back away from work for a few days a week.  Oftentimes, I get too wrapped up in work life and it was starting to consume me emotionally.  I was stressed, worried, anxious, and even angry at times with the "drama" that comes along with office life.  I think stepping back will help me remove myself from this, and also help me to really focus on my work (and not the other things that I cannot control).  

On my list for this summer..............

1. Spend more time with this girl.  Hands down, I CANNOT WAIT to hang out with her.  She is so much fun to be around, and is so sweet.  She loves to do things with me, and is a good listener.  I am planning on taking her to the lake a lot....and on several other outings (KidZu Museum, playdates, etc...)  It will be so nice not to rush out the door every morning and finally spend quality time with her.

2. Be a housewife.  I am super excited about cooking, and keeping my house clean.  I know it will be a challenge with a 2 year old pulling out everything I JUST put away, but I won't be locked into a weeknight and weekend get-it-all done time frame.  

3. Take care of me.  I need more balance - more time to do things I love, like ski, workout, read, hang out with friends.  I now have some flexibility to do these things.  It sounds silly, but when you work outside of the home all week long, you don't want to leave your child at home with a babysitter and go out.  Most of my weekends are spent trying to be a housewife and good mom.  There's little time for anything else.  Don't get me wrong, I know being a stay-at-home mom is SUPER tough, so I know how good I have it working part-time. 

I really do feel blessed for this new phase in my life, and I am super excited to see what the summer and beyond holds for me.  I think some gratitude for the things I have in my life is very long overdue, and I plan on being grateful every day for what God has given me.