Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Catch up

I am LOVING my life as a part timer.....Emma and I have not nearly done everything on our "days off bucket list," but we are making the most of our time together.  One thing I knew going into this was that it would not only be more time together during the week, but also more time for me to do the things that make me happy.  By this I mean the daily cleaning and organizing that has to be done to make a house run.  When I was working full time, I had NO time to do any of this.  I only had weeknights and weekends (and even then, I wanted to spend that precious time with Brent and Emma).  It made me crazy, and I quickly began to sink into the hole of "pass the child" with Brent in order to get anything done.  Being able to quickly steal a few minutes here and there is such a blessing and makes our lives one million times better now.

Emma loves a smoothie, and I love that vegetable smoothies are trending now....I couldn't help but treat her as Emma was an angel all week.  First, she did awesome at my first PopUp workout.  I HATE sweating and working out...that's why I chose skiing as my hobby (I'm always wet and there's no long distance skiing!)  But I know I need to get in shape and be healthier.  My friend, Carrie, has been teaching classes and she is always posting on Facebook.  I finally decided to try one.....and I loved it.  I didn't feel stupid, I had fun, and I lived to tell about it:)

Last weekend, I had the State Championship Ski tournament.  I didn't take many pictures, and I didn't ski as well as I would have wanted.  But I had a great time with my friends and dad.  Brent had Emma to visit his family that weekend, so I was solo (which was liberating and sad at the same time!)  I am realizing as I age that I am not going to be a champion all the time, but that my actions and attitude surrounding when I ski are what truly matter.  It's very hard to be good at something, devoting such a large amount of time to it, and then to back off down the road.  It's actually a huge lesson in humility:)  I am slowly learning how to balance all the wonderful things in my life - from my past to present, and whatever the future holds.

My dad and Bill....2 of my favorite ski peeps!

The Beaver Lake clan!  I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful family:)

Emma came down with a slight fever one evening, and was super snuggly.  I knew she didn't feel well when she didn't run over to greet dad as he walked in.  We took her to the doctor where they noticed she had a bright red throat....thank goodness the strep tests came back negative.  She had a fever for one night, and then it went away just as quick as it came on.  She was back to bouncing off the walls in no time!

We ate dinner at my parents one night, and Emma insisted on playing with the bee-bee gun.

I am amazed at how grown up Emma is.  It really seems like everyday, she does something new that reminds me she is not a baby anymore at all.  We decided to try out the new bug spray I bought (Emma gets huge welts on her legs and arms from the mosquitoes...so I finally found some deet free spray).  She had a blast running down the street and all around the neighborhood.  This was also our test to see if she was ready for a zoo trip.  I wanted her to be able to walk around at the zoo some, and I think she passed:)

Here she is telling us to "come on!"

Feeble attempt at a family selfie...

Yesterday, we had big plans to head to the lake all morning.  But when we woke up, it was pouring.  We decided to head to the mall and walk around.  It was super steamy and yucky out...I felt like sweat was rolling down my face as soon as I walked outside.  I hate weather like that...I wouldn't survive in Florida.  We ended up in Barnes and Noble, because I knew Emma could get out of the stroller and play in the kid section.  (I have this thing against the kiddie playground inside the mall..it just creeps me out.  There's always zoned out parents who like zombies and kids everywhere...and I feel like I can see germs crawling around in there...sorry....I'll stop judging now!)
She sat right down on the floor (I know...probably lots of germs there too...) and started reading books to me.  She has this special little language when she reads books...she starts saying things (un-conprehendable, of course), and then picks up the book like she's showing it around.  

We managed to only buy 2 books...after a small metldown.  As soon as I paid at the checkout and started to head towards the door, I realized it was pouring outside.  And by pouring, I mean raining small animals.  So we turned around and headed to the cafe.  (Oh...and made a pit stop in the bathroom where I explained that "mommy had to potty," which she then yelled for 5 straight minutes while we were in there.  I am sure people in the store could hear her.  It was super fun.

We literally waited for an hour in the cafe.  We got drinks, and shared a quiche (this girl loved eggs....she asks for them once a day).  It was like the storms kept forming over us.  I think I read later that Durham got over 3 inches of rain in a 2 hour span.  There was flooding all over the place.  There was a small lull, so I decided to pack us up and make a run for it.  I got very wet, of course.  But it was already past nap time, and I was going crazy sitting in there.

After Emma napped, I pulled all her blankets from her crib to wash.  It normally doesn't bother her, but this time she had a super metldown....as depicted in the pictures below.

 Thankfully, I bribed her with a cookie and tried to explain that blankie was getting a bath.  We ended our rainy day with snuggles on the couch, watching Frozen.  I couldn't wait for the moment when Emma was old enough to watch TV on the couch with us...and here it is.  I love it. I love to hear her ask "watch TV?" even if it is when she is supposed to be going to bed.

In other news...I took the plunge and decided to try this for the next year....and I'll post more on that later:)

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  1. So much to comment!
    1. yay for popup and not hating it! SUPER glad you decided to give it a shot! It is fun....!!!
    2. If you do go to the zoo-- take a stroller! Even my WILD, never-get-tired boys begged to ride in one. The zoo is huuuuuge. I am sure you know that already....
    3. love that you are taking on that new challenge! the picture a day thing has been a challenge for me-- and one that i am thankful to be doing. it's fun to look back see what we were doing on day 54...but it is also good to challenge myself to find one spot in my day worth noting. helps me focus on the positive.
    4. really glad to see miss emma having a meltdown-- i honestly didn't believe she knew how to melt down ;) she's too cute!