Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hop Hop Hop

Ask Emma what the bunny does, and her response is: "hop, hop, hop." But not just words, it is also followed by her jumping in the air with her hands by her chest.  And she whispers the "hop" part:)  I love her so...

I was fortunate enough to be off work Friday this year, although I did take Emma to school in the morning so that I could attend church at noon and also get some last minute errands done.

I was super disappointed with the forecast for the weekend because it was our only weekend as a family for a few weeks.  We have either had company, had work, or have future weekend-long commitments coming I really wanted to hang out together and enjoy getting some things done (have you seen our yard...SHAMEFUL!)  Thankfully, while Saturday was a complete loss (in terms of weather), Sunday ended up being beautiful!

I picked Emma up early from school Friday afternoon and we stopped at the park on the way home.  Someone had left a ball at the playground, and Emma LOVES a ball. She would carry it up to the slide, throw it down, then slide down after it.

Friday night, Brent and I actually stayed awake long enough to watch a movie - Catching Fire.  Much to my disappointment, it looks like we will have to wait for the next one to come out to get any closure - darn you, Hunger Games!

Emma slept in until 8am Saturday, so Brent and I of course awoke at 6:30am....but we were able to sit down, watch TV and drink coffee by ourselves (Crazy, right - we are CRAZY!!)  Whenever it's nasty out, I always suggest a trip to University Mall. It's the perfect spot to have Emma run around, and get some shopping/eating done.  We met my parents at the Weathervane for brunch, then made our last trip to Rose's.  I have so many memories of that store growing up.  I used to walk down there with my mom, and I always begged my mom for a new pair of Jellies...remember those?  OH - and I think I bought my first training bra there too (which I could probably still wear - not much development in that department - ha!)  It just won't be the same U-Mall without Rose's there.  I am still getting over the fact that The Children's Store moved (which seemed like a DUMB idea to me).  
Already chatting it up on the phone...

I can think of soooo many hilarious captions for this selfie....but I think this sums it up:

"WHO are these people?!?!?!?"

The Talley's take on selfies:)

We had 2 birthday parties that afternoon, but Emma and I only made it to one of them. Sweet Rowan turned 2, and it was good to see our friends.  Emma also learned how to sit and watch Frozen on a bar-stool with her friends....(why does this behavior scare me for the future?  Maybe it's the sitting on bar stools part with friends, watching something captivating...)

Easter morning, we tried to wake up before Emma to put her baskets in her crib...but we were lazy too late.  We snuck in anyway and Emma almost jumped out of her crib when she saw her goodies.  

I bought her this baby stroller the day before at Rose's for $5...and she hasn't stopped playing with it yet....

Her loot....hard to see, but mostly candy, books, stuffed animals, and play-doh!

After church and naptime, we headed to my parent's house for round 2.  Emma had to find 2 baskets over there.

Here we are coaxing her in the right direction...we probably looked like a bunch of loonies....

My parents always give the best cards - you know...the kind that are super cute but when you turn them over and see that they cost more than any normal and sane person would spend on a card, you put it back?  Yeh, those.  But judging from her face, I would say it is worth every penny.

We then went outside to find eggs.  I went over early and helped my parents put out eggs in the yard.  

I think she got the hang of it pretty quick!

She ran all around the yard, yelling "eehhhh" (her version of "eggs")

I think she was excited about the bubbles we got her:)

Loving on Painter

We'd ask her, "What does the bunny do?" and Emma would say "hop, hop" and jump up and down.

I think she loves her daddy.....

....and I don't think he minds one bit!

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