Friday, May 16, 2014

Derby wedding and trip to the rivah

A few weekends ago, we headed to Washington to our dear friends' - Justin and Cortney - wedding.  Justin is Brent's oldest friends and we are soo happy to for them.  They have a sweet son names Eli, who Emma loves, and I foresee many great memories for this next generation:)

We stayed in Bath at my sister-in-laws house.  She lives on Bath Creek....and we LOVE being out on her pier.

Brent and Justin at the rehearsal dinner.

Meanwhile - Emma's entertainment for the weekend -Audrey and Grace!

While Brent was doing groomsman things Saturday, I took Emma to the ballpark to watch her cousins play.  She quickly found a playground and got to work.

She also wore herself out on the trampoline her cousins have.  

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a country drive in eastern could you not??????

I can't get over how grown Emma looks here....

not a bad view....Emma will have to learn how to enjoy wearing her life-jacket if she wants to go out there again!

Sadly, we didn't get many good pictures at the wedding.

Our friend, who took this picture, claimed it was a "good'un" LIE.

Dan, Brent, and Marcus - some of our dearest friends:)  We always have the best time when we get to see them and their wives (below).

I love these 2 women - Jenny and Lilly.  Sometimes I wish we lived closer and could hang out with them more:(

Justin's quite the dancer....

and I have videos to prove it if I ever need to blackmail him:)

Cortney looked awesome (as always - she's always so stunning!)
 We had a great time celebrating, and it was so fun to catch up with our Washington friends and family!

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