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Besides being totally obsessed with Emma....I will also confess that I have a complete and total obsession with this company.  I am not sure how I even found out about them - I think a friend of a friend on Facebook posted a giveaway on their wall, and it has been downhill ever since....

Recently, they mentioned me on their Facebook page.  I was thrilled...and also horrified because I would have done such a better post had I known that!!! Ha!  (I have mentioned them in several posts, see here, here here, and here.)  I was really glad to have someone other than family and friends acknowledge my blog.  I love to blog, not just to document our family's life, but also for me and my creativity.  I also hope others gain something - if it's just a minute of relief when they realize someone else is going through the same things they are, or they are inspired with a new product or place I mentioned here.  That being said, I was just really honored that someone else recognized my work.  I really do love this company's products, and would never promote a business I didn't feel 100% confident in.  I am really excited for this super-mom/business woman for pursuing her dreams - I know it must be a challenge to juggle it all, but she does it with style...and she's from NC!!!

A screenshot of their post.....

After seeing this, I decided to take inventory of all of my Haley and the Hound pieces....and I was slightly embarrassed/proud?!?!  I promise I'm not a "show-off" - I honestly just want to show you the awesomeness that I have found with their clothes.  I obviously have a lot of their signature tunic tops, but they make the most adorable children's dresses, and women's tops and dresses.  I love their bold prints, preppy details, and unique style.  These are also very reasonably priced, and if you know me at all, then I didn't even need to say that.  They are easy to care for (machine washable and dry), are comfortable, and can easily be dressed up or down.  I wear them to work a lot and ALWAYS receive compliments.  I like to describe their pieces as somewhere between Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and Elizabeth McKay...are you in love yet?!?!

These are the "tunic" style, but I would describe them as the perfect length.  They are not long like a tunic you might wear with leggings.  They are perfect with skinny jeans, or shorts.  They look fabulous with long necklaces or plain with large gold hoops.  The bright colored ones I wear mostly in spring and summer, but I have worn the black and white all winter.  I wear a small, but could do an XS if needed.  The nice thing about these tops is that the are so forgiving in size - you don't have to have the perfect fit for this top to look awesome on, and feel comfortable.

I bought the grey and cream print one, and the paisley print, this past fall and LOVE them.  They looked great paired with cream skinny jeans and tan boots.  The navy and white print is a staple... and looks great with white jeans and colored flats.

The red floral is the Allie, and I have not worn it yet...only because I am waiting for some warmer weather!  The turquoise and orange top is an older style that I snagged at their store, and it is the quintessential summer top with white jeans and gold jewelry.  The tunic on the right is sooo cute for fall and spring because it has so many different colors.

The sleeveless tops are older styles, but she has some awesome new ones on her website...that I hope to buy soon:)  The Parker dress is also still available and is so classy.  I feel like a million bucks when I have this thing on.  For reference, I wear the XS in the dress.

Of course, Emma has a ton of pieces too.  They are dresses now, and when she gets bigger will become tops.

Not a good picture, but Miss E sported one of her dressed this past weekend at the new Bass Pro Shops that opened up near us.

And when she tried to walk out of the NC Aquarium last fall with every stuffed animal known to man...she was in her Haley dress.

Pardon my facial expression here...but this is the other dress I own..and it's on sale NOW!

Mommie & Me:)

When this sweet girl turned one last June, she was sporting her sailboat Haley and the Hound dress!

I'd say she likes it...."good choice, mom!"

Haley and The Hound has launched her new website, and has some awesome new products - including more cute tops and new tote bags and clutches.  

If you are in Morehead City, I strongly recommend stopping in - she has a lot of other cute things in her store, and a lot more choices in her clothing line.  Her staff is beyond friendly...and you'll literally spend hours in there trying to decide what to get (only because you want EVERYTHING!)

I am dying to go to check out her new things...and stock up for summer with some new sleeveless tops!!  I think a day trip may be in order soon!!  

Happy Shopping - it may be cold outside, but these bright tops make Spring feel a bit closer:)

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