Thursday, November 7, 2013


A friend invited me to go to Spree with her a few Saturdays ago in downtown Raleigh.  I remember when the JLDOC did a Holiday Market, so I was definitely game for this larger event.  Plus, my favorite shop, Haley and the Hound, was going to have a booth there (so it was a no-brainer!)  We paid the $15 fee to get in before the masses (including strollers!) and it is so worth it.  I HATE crowds, and hate anxiety shopping - you know the kind where you feel like people are pushing and shoving and lines are long and you can't walk down the aisle...???

Here's a snapshot of my day....and I apologize in advance for the blurry pictures (I was too busy shopping!)

Looking down....this is only one side!

I would love to make something like this for all my jewelry.
Photo: Fabulous fall! (Some pattern variations) we have 4 XL, 4 medium. $34 shipped. Post size, email, in or out of NC
Another top to add to my collection - love the fall colors in this one!

Another blogger friend (that I ran into there!) told me to check out the CPKidz booth - and I am so glad I did!  Their prices were reasonable and they monogrammed ON. THE. SPOT.  I can't believe I walked out with ONLY one outfit from there.... (my husband, on the other hand, is eternally grateful!)

Emma's Haley and the Hound dress collection - minus the one that we have that is matching.....these are so cute and when they are too small as dresses, they make excellent tops.  Did I mention they are also only $18 each?????

Such a horrible picture...but the camo dress with bows and lace trim was a MUST...and the corduroy monogrammed romper for Emma from CPKidz is my new fave!

Photo: We are all set up and ready for Spree in Raleigh! Come see us!
These are the 2 women from Haley and the Hound - Jada and Booth....I borrowed this from their Facebook page (I am NOT so crazy as to ask them to pose or get their autograph....or am I???)  I just LOVE their stuff, and would buy everything if I could!

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