Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sun, Sand, Ocean....

We had a blast at the beach this past weekend.  As stressed as I was about going on a "vacation" with Emma, it was really a great time.  I took a TON of pictures, but sadly, failed to get any with our great friends with whom we went:(  I guess when you have kids, the camera never makes it past pictures of them!  Justin, Cortney, and Eli - we had a blast and love y'all to pieces!!!  I couldn't have had a better time with anyone else!

This wagon was awesome - we took it everywhere (breakfast, dinner, the beach) and Emma was super content riding in it.

She loved the beach!  She ate sand a few times on the first day, but it quickly lost it's appeal.

Just digging in the sand...she would dig in one place, then run over to another and dig again...part dog???

We really had the most beautiful weather all weekend...a little cool in the mornings, but it warmed up.

Going to eat dinner in downtown Beaufort!

I never get sick of this place...the view from the deck at Front Street Grill at Stillwater.

Someone was not in the mood for any sunset pictures with mom....sigh.

She was in the mood, however, for the water.
"Mom, why don't you trust me..I won't jump in, I promise!"

Love her face here....we have dear friends that live on Harker's Island, and we went to visit them Saturday.  This is Emma with Lillian.

Much better!

I was so excited to go to this store on the waterfront in Morehead City.

Emma will be sporting this adorable sailboat dress this summer.

And I racked up on 3 more tops.....I can't enough of their bold prints and easy styles.  Most of their children's clothes start at as soon as Emma is big enough, Brent and I will be fighting over the Amex bill every month (just kidding, Brent - love you!)  The peasant dress in the pic below is also from here.  And FYI..their prices are awesome (I HATE to spend a lot of money on kids clothes, so if I bought several, then you know it was reasonable!)

"Mom, not now!  I'm trying to drank!"

"You guys coming or what? I don't want to miss happy hour!"

Emma's sand masterpiece...we are taking bids now. 

She would literally run to the water and wait for it to come splash her toes!

"It's cool at first, mom but I LOVE it!!"

We spent one night with Brent's college roommate, Austin, who now lives in LaGrange.   Casey and Daisy were best buds back then, and we all have fond memories of them playing/bouncing/rough-housing together.  Casey face still lights up when we say the name "Daisy".......too sweet.

Mason teaching Emma about trucks.

I hear there was an exciting baseball game while we were down there....I most certainly watched it in my dreams....but kudos to the crazy fans who stayed at the stadium to watch history!

The view from the Mooring's beach house...I could definitely get used to this.   Many thanks for their generosity...and Happy 40th wedding anniversary:)

One of my faves from the could you not love an adorable face in a seersucker crab bubble from  La Petite Boutique at Neuse Sport Shop in Kinston, NC.

I am so ready to go back.....all I need now is a boat, a house, and oodles of money (and time off work...)

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  1. When you find that boat, house and oodles of money, let me know! Looks like a super fun trip! I made Davis some seersucker pants with crabs last week...twin day date soon?