Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today is a big day

Today marks the first trip away from Emma for me.  It is also Brent and I's first trip away from Emma together.  I have been anxious about this day since before Emma was even born.  I know I'll be fine....I know I'll have a good time....I know it's good for us and Emma to be apart....I know, I know.  But my heart still aches thinking about her smile and how much I'll miss her and wonder how she's doing.  She'll be in good hands.  My parents are wonderful and I'm grateful for their support.

So say a prayer for this amateur mama....and next time I post I will be refreshed and renewed....and reunited with my Em-bear!!

1 comment:

  1. I cry every single time I leave them-- you are in good company! I don't think it gets easier to leave, but once you do it one time and you realize how amazing you feel afterwards, it does make these trips even better!