Monday, February 10, 2014

First trip away

What a fun first trip away from Emma and Brent and I's first trip away together, was a huge success.  I did much better than I thought I would.  Of course, I cried a few times, but honestly, I was super confident that Emma was in good hands and had no worries.  It really was fun to just relax, do whatever we wanted, and be together.  
Thursday, we took Emma to Cracker Barrel for breakfast before dropping her off at daycare and saying goodbye.  I definitely cried walking out, but quickly regained composure.  The three hour drive was amazing - music loud, stop whenever we felt like junk food for lunch.....and some selfies:)

We arrived in Blowing Rock around 2pm, and got settled into our room.  I can't say enough good things about The New Public House and Hotel.  I chose it because of it's photos alone.  I like mountain decor, but I really just needed relaxation this weekend.  And there is something about bright, oddly colored quilt rooms with wood walls and dated cabin decor that just doesn't say relaxing to me.  These pictures aren't the best, but you get the jist - modern, simple rooms and an AWESOME restaurant downstairs.  Each morning, we had full breakfast menu to choose from (included in your stay).  The people were so nice, and the food was amazing.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  We walked everywhere we wanted, and had no complaints whatsoever.  Check out their Facebook page for more photos and information.

stone shower...amazing

we sat down here nightly with drinks by the fireplace before dinner

another awesome spot - we shared some small plates and drinks at the table on the left....some of the best food I've ever had.

Of course, we have to get a shot with Brent out front....

how amazing will this porch spot be in the!!

That night, we ate at Bistro Roca - which came highly recommended by the locals - it was delicious, and the wood burning stove in the middle next to our table was so cozy.
my trout....absolutely delicious!

Friday morning we headed to Beech Mountain to ski.  I have never been in NC - always out west or in the I was skeptical.  I have to say, it was not that bad.  I can see how it can get super crowded on weekends, and I am glad we went on a Friday. 
The drive there was beautiful with fresh snow...

ski lift selfie....

There was an amazing new bar at the very top of the mountain, with 360 views....micro brew on tap, and full bar...pretty neat!

There was also a rather large new deck next to the bar, with pretty phenomenal views.

The best way to get someone else to take your picture is to awkwardly try taking selfies on your own....

We had fun skiing - and I would ski there again.  I bet in the middle of the week, you'd have the whole mountain all to yourself.

Thursday afternoon, we had ventured over to the Blowing Rock Ale House for a beer and small bite to eat.  After talking to the bartender, he recommended we eat at The Best Cellar Friday night, and he even called to get us reservations (the brewery and restaurant are owned by the same family).  When he heard it was our first trip away from the kiddo, he even got us a special seat downstairs in the wine cellar.  So, after a long day of skiing, we showered and got prettied up for dinner.  These pictures are not the best, and I hate that we didn't get the waiter (who was also our bartender who hooked us up -thanks Tilley!!) to take our picture, but we had a blast.  We had the room all to ourselves, which I loved.  One of my biggest pet peeves about eating out is that you are so close to other tables and it's so awkward.  I hate hearing other's conversations, and if I'm out to dinner I certainly don't want others hearing mine!!

My main course - rack of lamb with acorn squash.

Saturday, we went shopping in downtown Blowing Rock.  The shops there are really cute, and if I had a million dollars (and a bigger house), I would have blown it all in the antique stores.  There was amazing furniture and decor there.  My favorite stores were definitely Celeste's, Monkees, Carriage Trade Antiques, and The Gilded Lily.  I had many others, but I scored some great deals at these places.  I picked up these beauties for 75% off at Monkees...and Kate Spade rarely goes on sale!  I also made the store owner at Carriage Trade take the Tyler Boe dress (below in brown) off the manikin outside because all clothing was 70% off...which NEVER happens.  I love, love, love this dress and have it in this print already, and could hardly contain myself when I found it for such a low price:)  They are the most comfortable and flattering dresses.

We also ran into some friends while shopping - what a treat to see my awesome coworkers!!
Dawn and I - Dawn is a dear friend, and happen to work in the office next to me.  She is amazing:)

Barbara, Dawn, and I - we are all in the same department at Peace, and Barbara used to work in the office I have now.  Through all the changes at Peace, these women have stayed constant, and been great friends.  I am glad to work with them!!

We came home a little after lunch on Sunday....and met my parents at Panera.  We walked in, and I spotted Emma at a table across the way.  I snuck up behind her and got right in her face.  She looked at me puzzled for a second, and then had the biggest smile on her face and got up in her high chair.  She rushed into my arms and gave me the biggest, longest hug ever.  She laid her head on my shoulder and just held me.  It was by far the best homecoming ever.  She then went to Brent and did the same, and actually alternated between us for about 15 minutes.  Her smile was so huge (as I'm sure mine was as well!), and I will never forget it.  She had an absolute blast with my parents, and I am so grateful for their help.  I would not have been able to have fun and relax without their excellent care.  


  1. This sounds so great, I am adding that hotel for mini get-away list! Glad it was perfect!

  2. Just came across your blog and what a surprise to be mentioned and pictured- I feel very honored! You are the best- keep writing, keep smiling and keep posting the beautiful pictures of Emma (and Brent!)