Monday, July 29, 2013

Haley and the Hound Trunk Show

I recently fell in love with this store in Morehead City, and saw on their facebook page that they were having a trunk show in Raleigh this past Sunday.  I had no idea who was going, and or whose house this was, but I am so glad I went!  I met some fabulous girls in Raleigh and had a blast trying on all the new styles.  This gracious woman opened up her beautiful home and welcomed strangers - all so we could enjoy Haley and the Hound's new women's line.  They did have a few new shift dresses for girls there, but Emma is not quite big enough to fit into 2T (Brent is forever grateful!).

I finally got this beach cover-up....I have a million of their tops, but had not gotten this signature item yet!

They are making girl's shift dresses to coordinate with the new women's dress fabrics...and word is, they may do a women's shift dress.  I'm all about a classes shift dress, and LOVE these prints!

I ordered the Parker ruffle dress (below in navy) in this green's super cute!

The Parker adorable!!  Lord knows, I love a ruffle!

This is the new Susan ruffle dress.  It will also come in more of the amazing quadrafoil patterns that her tops are made from.

I had a great time meeting some great moms and women in Raleigh.  We all had a blast trying on the designs and giving each other feedback.  It was really laid back and everyone was so nice and was refreshing and I can't wait to do it again!  Thanks Jada and Olivia for this fun event:)

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