Monday, June 4, 2012

the 12 days of pregnancy...

Ok, so there are not really 12 days of pregnancy....even though that would be awesome!! But I have 12 days left...yup...9+ months has really flown by.  I am not really having any signs of I guess Miss Emma is patient, and I can live with that.  I had been feeling pretty ginormous and tired, but had a spurt of energy this weekend.
Our pre-church picture - Brent takes one every Sunday:) This is 38 weeks and 2 days (but who's counting, right?!)

I decided to do some simple sewing projects.  My friend, Kathryn, made a wonderful baby blanket for Emma and I was inspired to try one myself. I haven't done much sewing since a year ago, when I made these skirts while Daisy was very sick.  I still have that fabric in the post to make more skirts out maybe if Emma is still being "patient," I will get to those this weekend! 
This was super easy to make - I just sewed two pieces of fabric together.  I chose a yellow and white stripe flannel for one side, and a soft cotton floral print for the other. 

I had a 12 pack of plain burp cloths, and thought some could use a little color:) I just took scrap fabric and sewed it to one side.

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends and family.  My dad turned 62 on Sunday...and we celebrated with some delicious deserts from Southern Season.  Our new neighbors had a house warming party....and it was great to meet some of their friends and family.  They happen to also be the brother and sister-in-law of a couple in our small group from church, so we are excited for lots of fun times to come.

Lastly, Brent and I went to cheer on the Heels for their last game against St. John.  We went with some friends from church, and were having an awesome time....until a foul ball came and hit a man in the head sitting directly 2 seats behind us. I was beyond traumatized...not just because it was so close to me and some people I care about, but also because I am so sensitive to anyone getting hurt.  I think he is ok, but it was certainly a crisis situation.  I prayed all night that that was the case.  I even lost several hours of sleep, and have been anxious ALL day today.  I get chills even thinking or talking about it.  Last weekend, there was a bad wreck behind our house and silly me thought I would walk up and investigate.  They were not letting any cars through, and that should have been my clue that  I should not be going up there.  I got within ear shot and heard a woman screaming in pain.....I couldn't walk back to the house fast enough.  Needless to say, I am already sensitive enough before being pregnant, and these hormones just intensify it.  It took me a few days to finally get that sound out of my head, and now this.  It has been a rough end to some weekends the past 2 weeks, I'll say!  This girl needs some Xanax badly!

Otherwise, things are going great.  I am not freaking out about the workshop that once was Emma's nursery.  Brent has about 2 days left of work and then her changing table is done!  I have a post in progress that I will finalize later this week. I'm still working, and feeling pretty productive.  The rest of the house is somewhat in order and I'm ok with that right now.  My bag is packed and ready..with of course way more than I will use or really need while I'm there.  I feel a ton of support from my friends and that has been getting me through the uncertainties of labor and delivery, and life with new baby.  Overall, I'd say I have a lot to thank God for:)

So, here's to 12 more days of anticipation for Emma bear....I can't wait to finally hold her, protect her, snuggle with her, and show her off to all my wonderful friends and family! 


  1. SO SO exciting!!! I have been loving your blog and I really hope you will keep it up when Emma arrives! Can't wait to see her... I know she will be just precious!
    Oh, and I am the EXACT same way with people being hurt. A man passed out at a Christmas Eve service at our church and I was BEYOND upset. And I saw a motorcycle accident happen one time and the image of it is ingrained in my head-- I will never forget it.
    Focus on the positive things, like that sweet baby girl on her way! They say a burst of energy happens right before the baby arrives....!

  2. Your sewing projects look amazing! In awe of your burst of energy this late in your pregnancy but maybe that means you are in full force nesting! Can't wait to meet Miss Emma soon!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    I have been wanting to congratulate you on your soon-to-be new arrival for some time, but was a bit hesitant due to the awkwardness of your not knowing me. My name is Dona Bernard, and I was one the many teenagers your exceptionally great and generous parents spent time with before you were born. In fact, right before your birth, shortly after Thanksgiving in 1980, your father was very generously volunteering his time to teach me how to drive well enough to pass the driver's test. I saw you as a newborn and then met you a few years later as an absolutely adorable blond 3 year old. Anyway, I want to wish you all the best as you and your husband welcome Emma into the world! And would you give a hello to both your parents with a great thank you for all they did back then when I was such a troubled teen? Thanks, I would really appreciate it.

    Best of wishes!

    Dona Bernard