Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Skirtin' around

Life has been pretty boring here at the Talley household.  The house has seemed soooooo quiet without Daisy here, but we are adjusting.  The cats sleep pretty much all day, moving from comfy spot to comfy spot in every room.  I have cleaned and organized my entire house, and all the laundry is clean, folded, and put away.  I think there were some clothes in the dirty laundry bin that I haven't seen in year - somehow getting lost at the very bottom.  And now that all the laundry is done, I have found that I really don't have enough room for all the clothes, towels, sheets, etc... that we own.  Ahhh...sigh...such is life.  I guess there are bigger problems.

When Daisy was sick, I spent a lot of time at home with her in the last week.  I didn't really want to go far, because I felt bad leaving her, and I was never sure what I was going to walk into when I returned.  I decided to finally tackle some sewing projects.  My dear friends, Katie Skeen and Stefanie Almond inspired me at a tournament to start sewing some simple skirts, because everyone knows if I can wear it, I will find a way to get it done.  They were super easy, much easier than I thought.  And I'm really not sure why I hadn't started doing them earlier.  I did make a few mistakes on the first one, but they were not noticeable and I made sure to not repeat myself with the next.  The first one took about 2 hours, and the second less than an hour.  At this rate, I could have a skirt for every day of the week in no time. (because I am clearly running out of clothes...)

They are simple rectangles, with a drawstring waist.  I am sure a cuter ribbon would jazz them up more, but it was all I had in the house (forgot to buy that peice, whoops).  The drawstring waist works perfect for girls like me, with....uh....curves.  Because my rear is so much wider than my waist, I have a hard time finding things that fit in both places.  These are perfect and I think the drawstring creates a little ruffle effect - which I love.
Love Amy Butler fabric!

Excuse the mess in the background...and the self portrait via mirror.

I took a trip to Wish Upon a Quilt, and picked up these two fabrics -
The carolina blue and white is a must for our Carolina games this fall.

I think the true test of my skirts was when I walked into Charlotte's at North Hills wearing one.  Immediately, the girls working there were oohing and ahhing over it.  I just let them wonder what high priced boutique I bought it from:)


  1. LOVE!!! Reason #1 I don't wear shorts/skirts: because if they fit over my butt - they never touch my waist and I can't stand a gapping waist! They are adorable!

  2. So proud of you!!! They look great. Amy Butler is my favorite. And if I lived closer to Wish Upon a Quilt I think I would ask for a job there!!!

  3. Love it! You are so creative and I love that the Charlotte's ladies were raving over it! You might have just found your new calling in life!

  4. Super cute skirts. Love the story of you going into Charlotte's. That was a compliment for sure!

  5. Super cute skirts! Maybe I should have you make one for Emily's birthday! I think you are tapping into your inner domestic goddess!

  6. Adorable! You could totally sell these on Etsy!